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Locked Punishment set way to high for first offence

Go to solution Solved by .Rushaway,

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1: My ingame name: Chris  (afk) !
2: My SteamID: STEAM_0:1:67062446
3: Name of the admin(s) involved: Geroin-Fest]--[|||||]---- 
4: What server did it happen on: ZE
5: Map: ze_lotr_mines_of_moria_v6_3testfix
6: Time and date: 12.40h~isch
7: Explanation of the situation: We tested something with the ring and I edged, and I admit that, we were having some random fun, nobody really complains except a few trolling complains but then this donated admin restrict me for that for 10080 minutes? A freaking donated admin who doesnt even know me at all is going to smash that on me for a first offence? I ask for it to be lowered down at least, not removed, but lowered down.
8: Proofimage.png?ex=65b7920d&is=65a51d0d&hm=aa3

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Please educate your admins.
Now he is legit just trolling with me
He removes it
To then just do it again for no reason when ive been in spectate the whole time, like you see here

Should just stop with donate admin option because then the lowf*cks get it by skipping the admin application progress and then we get shit like this.. fun fun

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Just for the record. I don't mind the punishment (when its as it should be). But that long for what happened? Kinda odd to me.
And then the behavior of undoing it and then redoing it for whatever reason, while im in spec typing this report out, I don't understand, is that even the way of handling things? 

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1 minute ago, .Rushaway said:

I reduced the length to one hour, since it's your first eban.

I let LSA handle the admin part. 

Thank you

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Meanwhile people are knifing zombies around (sorry flixflax i show yours in here), not wanna target you but i do wanna show that this admin is active and not doing jackshit to the knifers on said map, while he shoves a punishment on me like that??? 
I honestly feel like this was more targetted to me as I know that admin doesnt like me much, I even have it demo'd where multiple people knifing zombies and nemesises and nothing is done to them but heyhey I trolled once and got 10080minutes by that admin? Bro... the joke himself


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5 minutes ago, XiMiK said:

He threw the object where it was impossible to reach it, for which he received a well-deserved punishment.

Yeah and if I didnt pick the item up nobody would have cause everyone just runned passed it.
Meaning that moment we tested would have not changed anything to the round as we already went on without the ring anyway, it was just cause i went back for it, otherwise that would have been a ring-less round anyway so no difference at all at that moment we tested the well thing. We wanted to test if the ring could drop in the well or not. Which it did. Like I said, I dont mind the punishment but that long is too much for what happened. Meanwhile there is people knifing zombies around and nobody is been delt with. If you wanna act up and punish one person for misdoing something then the others should be punished too. Otherwise its a targetted action just to those who are hated by the admin. And those who are not are getting off with no warning or anything. Thats not how admins should act as well so before saying A you should also mention B. Otherwise keep out the conversation. Thanks

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2 minutes ago, XiMiK said:

I don't need to constantly monitor the server. I saw your violation.

Man nobody asked you to do that right? So what you on about?
If you only come here to try and start arguments then please stop and leave, go find some attention somewhere else this is a f*cking report for f*ck sake, not a "cry my opinion out"-topic. So leave that for somewhere else you only adding more bs to the topic for LSA's to have to go thru and read for no absolute reason.
You not even an admin what you even doing here in some report by another player...?

Its nice if you wanna help your admin buddy but this is not the time nor the place to do so, I already admitted to my mistakes, I aint hiding it, I even admit it, I am old enough to step up and say what i did wrong, nothing wrong with that. Its about the way this was handled, not the punishment or mistake, I take the punishment this is only a game anyway who cares, but the length and how it was handled thats a problematic moment and thats been reported, included with what I did wrong too.
When i make this report I say A and B. Compared to your input. You understand now or u need me to type it in chinese as well?

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I marked Rushaway his comment as solution as the restriction is already over by now, thanks to it been lowered.
Just noting that down here. But please do have a talk with your donated admins because this was for sure a targetted action.
I also admit I was in the wrong, but considering the situation and when it was done, there was legit NO difference in that round gameplay (read 3 comments above why)

Thats all, thanks for looking into this and yall have a nice day, no hate no harm.
Im out here now but feel free to contact me if you need any more information regarding this report or situation that occurred.

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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin

Even though you were having fun, you should still be careful whenever you troll, because you could land yourself in something worse than what happened today.

I will agree that Georin's punishment was quite long for being your first eban, but in no case should he have removed the punishment to reissue it again. I hope that he exercises his donated admin powers in a more sensible manner next time.

Thank you for raising this to our attention. Enjoy the rest of your time on the server.

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