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Locked Saber knifing, goes unpunished even with knife logs


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1: My ingame name: Midknight
2: My SteamIDSTEAM_0:0:171405578
3: Name of the player(s) involved: Saber (_95)
4: SteamID of the player(s) involved :STEAM_0:0:18626487
5: What server did it happen on: ZE server
6: Map: ze_stilshrine_of_miriam_v7_2s
7: Time and date: earlier today (02/02)
8: Explanation of the situation: Two ZMs get inside the boss arena before barrier closes, we corner the zms, saber goes there and knifes the zm to humans, which results in a trim and round ending cause admins dont know how to !cknife (its 2 buttons)
9: Proof: 1st demo, tick 103000, u can see us corner the zm, i call for it, and then saber goes and knifes him away from the corner

Edited by Midknight
correction to the explination, there wasnt 1 zm, there was 2
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