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  1. @VeNoM Give me a traceroute please. i think it's a trouble in russian ISP network routing, not nide. https://www.hellotech.com/guide/for/how-to-run-a-traceroute-windows-10
  2. @Tinned give me a traceroute from CMD windows please tracert
  3. I have no network packets received by your ip on the server. Maybe check your firewall for output UDP port or reboot your box.
  4. because it's a boomer ? Boomer don't like changes.
  5. if you don't like it, don't play on the server anymore ?
  6. You don't abuse, it's other people using VPNs who abuse it... unfortunately this punishes legitimate players like you. Contact me privately on discord
  7. Hello, we decided to block a big range of ip addresses, they are used by VPN solutions. we have a lot of problems with players who use vpn to spoof SteamID players and abuse.
  8. it's because you don't use linux.
  9. Hello I read you from the beginning but I can not accept some sarcasm against the current staff. 50% Of the work done by the staff does not concern the server, there is internal conflict management, people management.. internal organization, event management, and many other things... There is a lot of discussion to find the best solution to satisfy everyone. The most important in a team is solidarity, and I am impressed with the work of each member of the NiDE staff (Admin, LSA ect..) and the members. Try to bring useful and factual things to help us progress, because dumping your cancer on the staff in this forum will only make you lose credibility and the desire to listen to you. If you are no longer part of the NiDE team and you dump your hates on the staff there is a reason, it is that you were useless to our evolution. Don't raise your sarcasm, improve your argument.
  10. Hello @InfinityKpoper and wlcome to NiDE +1 for me, good player
  11. no need to continue this drama queen debate, I close the post. if there problem I invite you to discuss together on discord, in respect.
  12. Hello @Moh I talk with @LmntriX about this, it is certainly a mistake about saysounds. ++ PS: not supreme-elite server, it's a nide server
  13. Hey! I've had problem with fonts in CS: Source on my new installed Ubuntu 20.04 all letters are smaller and thinner in chat. For CSS just copie the font from Windows and configured it to be used. Now the chat font in Linux looks the same as Windows and is no longer difficult to read. Copied vgasys.fon from C:\Windows\Fonts to $home/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Counter-Strike Source/hl2/resource . Edited chatscheme.res in the same directory. Under "ChatFont", locate the setting for the yres (vertical resolution) range I'm using (768 to 1023 or subsection "3" in my case). Changed the "name" from "Verdana" to "System". "ChatFont" { "1" { "name" "Verdana" "tall" "12" "weight" "700" "yres" "480 599" "dropshadow" "1" } "2" { "name" "Verdana" "tall" "14" "weight" "700" "yres" "600 767" "dropshadow" "1" } "3" { "name" "System" "tall" "15" "weight" "700" "yres" "768 1023" "dropshadow" "1" } "4" { "name" "Verdana" "tall" "17" "weight" "700" "yres" "1024 1199" "dropshadow" "1" } "5" { "name" "Verdana" "tall" "22" "weight" "700" "yres" "1200 10000" "dropshadow" "1" } } Under "CustomFontFiles", Add a new font, "3", set to "resource/vgasys.fon". CustomFontFiles { "1" "resource/HALFLIFE2.ttf" "2" "resource/HL2EP2.ttf" "3" "resource/vgasys.fon" } vgasys.fon https://drive.google.com/file/d/1p_dUYa20fiE5xzOiRPGTK3goQkRBq25E/view?usp=sharing Enjoy
  14. Hello @Thedestiny Thank you for your alert, It's nice to have players who help us improve the server!!! We need players like you. Unfortunately in your video, nothing seems suspicious for the players, everything seems legitimate. it is possible to bhop in the same way if you add your jump key on your mouse scroll Check ths video if you whant ton view a real bhop {g*y} script.
  15. cmer


    Very special guy but does a good job, with his wife Fouzy. take it with pity, I don't know how to get rid of him.
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