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  1. @ .Rushaway I don't know as much as you about spoofing , correct me if I am wrong . But is there always loopholes ? I mean to bypass specific system . Because if wasn't the case they will be no spoofing at all , and hackers will be more caught. ?
  2. @ maso why are insulting me , without any reason bro . I'm trying to say is it EASY to spoof someone public IP and steam ID and be falsely banned . Rushaway has stated clearly and you're continue to talk about perma ban bro . I am giving you an EXAMPLE how is easy to impersonate someone else . Chill out bro . They know what are doing . Stop acting like you know
  3. Bro do you know about swatting in USA @ maso . Those "neckbeards" can literally spoof your phone number , to make it appear that the emergency call is coming from your phone ( victim’s phone) . If your phone number and adress leaks in the web . Then you got "real" swat team coming to your residence with guns and etc's ,the cops can fire , throw grenades and so on . and can get bloody bathroom like my nick in game BlooD ....... That is not "troll" or "prank" . That's they being nasty neckbeard ass*ole . Same goes for like Rushaway said Public IP/VPN IP and SteamID
  4. BlooD here. if Chris don't get approved i don't know who else should . To be honest maybe only him and 4- 5 admins should be in staff . That's how professional he is , if it's not leading Biohazard maps , I will be lost like moron 1+hour try to figure where I'm going . He leads , communicates passionately . This guy is not dumb average joe . He is the real sh#t and THEY need him not only as admin but manager and developer. +3
  5. Needless to say about what others said , but consistency what is about . This player is very persistent and leads very well and communicates also very good , he is very initiative knows tactics . So i will give him +2 we need manager like him.
  6. This guy became lead server admin and change a lot , he thinks is more than others ...... ban for 1 week . Jesus christ
  7. Are you sure that you're mature enough to be admin , i played with you and seems to be decent player . But for admin isn't it early for you? , no hate or disrespect.
  8. +1 very hardcore player and admin .
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