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  1. good luck welcome to the community nide.gg
  2. good luck welcome to the community nide.gg +1
  3. Welcome to NiDE.GG good game
  4. Done thank you . @inGame
  5. good luck , Welcome
  6. KONO


    thank you very much for the trust , I will bring more people to the community and help with language
  7. KONO


    my goal is to help other people from another world to join the community and help the community to grow thank you all so much for the friendship and affection you have given me so far
  8. KONO


    Question [CANDIDATE REPRESENTATIVE] Ire, 47, mohamed, Miiiaaaooouu, Adell, Azn First name: kono Surname: kiwi SteamID: STEAM_0:0:85225138 Discord: ❤ ツ Kiwi ๖Konoツ ❤#7434 Game on server about 3 to 4 years ago Admin Server: ADMIN already went on other servers and pay in nide too Age 36 years 13/09/1984 September Location: Europe, Portugal Languages: Portugal, Spain, English Do you have a microphone? yea What can you bring to our community? Regular and daily presence on servers and potentially technical assistance (Sys and Networks) Forum registration date: December 13, 2020 ZR ADMIN: Zombie Revival ● NiDE.GG ● Unlimited ammo | Shop I know I haven't been known for a long time on your servers, but I've been there regularly for a long time and I just want to be part of a solid and lasting community to share good times and contribute to this community that seems interesting to me Just one of my favorite games and a good community so I asked to join your community Help other players with server commands and help in a different language
  9. thank you very much for your work
  10. by . kono Hello @Ire it is possible to install 3 new maps for revival server nide , I will send to analyze and test thank you , any problem or something tell me good afternoon good continuation https://workupload.com/start/JBSRrdnatM3
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