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  1. Mivec01

    This report isn't about wael. My actions in-game that round on mako mode were. There's a difference. And he did intentionally go to spec with DP just to troll. Dumbass was gloating about it afterwards. Anyway this thread can be closed now, think killik dealt with it.
  2. Mivec01

    If you think this is still about wael then clearly theres no point in continuing this thread. You might not have been on before. Sure. But there were other admins on at the time that saw what happened but didn't eban OR ban wael. I can't report myself because I was already ebanned by an admin almost immediately. This is valid criticism but if even the admins can't realise that and only know how to scream STOP CRYING STOP CRYING HAHAHAHAHAH then maybe something is wrong with the admins in the first place. Once again, the ban doesn't matter to me. I don't play often enough to give a sh*t about the ban. It's the fact that the admin that WAS on for the skyrim round CHOSE NOT to do anything about wael.
  3. Mivec01

    1: Your own ingame name - Mivec 2: Your own steam-ID 3: Name of the admin(s) involved - All admins that were on mountain bbo 4: What server did it happen on - Nide css ze 5: What map - Mountain bbo 6: Time and date - 4/5/2020 7: Explain the situation - Wael takes DP on skyrim mode then goes straight to spec, I call out the admins for not ebanning him ( they never did ) and they were not afk since I saw one of said admins chatting pretty soon after. Round was lost with alduin having more than 5k hp if I remember correctly. DP would've killed a bunch of CTs and made it actually winnable so wael did f*ck over the round but admins chose to ignore it. Anyway, next mode was MAKO after this skyrim round so me being me, I go and say "im gonna troll next round" or something like that. I pick earth up. I'm going just for wael to f*ck his screenshot up to piss him off. I earth him just before the lazer after bahumat and hit him and one other dude. A bunch of other retards that were near the reactor died. They would've died to sephiroth lazer anyway so I was technically doing the remaining cts a favour but whatever. Right after I get session ebanned by some admin I don't remember who. I rejoin knowing it was a session eban. As I come back, I get slapped by some paidmin, following which some admin ebanned me again then plex banned me for a day then changed it to 2 hours. Point is, what the f*ck is this inconsistency just because its f*cking mako mode and not skyrim? I'm not looking to put anyone on a demotion hunt, just get ur f*cking guidelines done properly, stop enforcing rules only as and when you feel like it. (meaning admins). 8: Proof - The mountain bbo demo.
  4. Mivec01

    I have to say , I find it funny that the thread wasn’t made because klixus is “racist” against latinos and yet it has somehow turned out to be an issue of race. Seriously. Don’t pull out the racism card for no good reason. Look at the straight evidence. It’s just a coincidence that it’s mostly the latin trials/admins that klixus is referring to.
  5. Mivec01

    So criticising the community and its admin team is apparently making fun of it? Do you really think that nide can improve as a server without facing criticism from its players? By saying I make fun of the server and its admins as though it’s a bad thing you’re saying that no one can or should criticise admins and the server even if there’s something wrong with either? What’s the point of having admins then if they’re just clones of each other , all thoughtless yes-men? Secondly , you mention that I rip into players and make them commit mistakes within the game. This I can’t deny. But is there really anything severely wrong with this? The bad players will die anyway regardless of my “making them commit mistakes”? If anything , then dying earlier into the round is better for the ct team as they don’t inflate the hp or bosses. They learn what not to do as well , no? And you say this like I’m the only player that gives false information. Just earlier today one of your new trials was shouting “jump crouch jump jump or whatever” when it was the complete opposite. I didn’t see any leads / other admins saying not to do this so why I am so special that you have to mention it so pertinently? Never heard of respect and decency? I’m sorry , who was the lead admin that called me a “crybaby” for saying what other admins did was unfair or abuse? Not to mention these. https://imgur.com/a/321rYMR https://imgur.com/a/f3nQkTG Just because I don’t talk properly with you doesn’t mean I’m incapable of conversing with other humans properly. You say I’m toxic and constantly complain about everything and express myself imprudently Nide is no longer a dictatorship is it not? The admin reports section is there for a reason is it not? Is there anything wrong with my making use of that section? Personal feelings are definitely involved here. Just take a look at the screenshots on surf facility for yourself or go take a look at the demo if you want to. Maybe you should think about why Anwar said what he said. Sorry for the garbage formatting in advance or sentences that don’t make sense. Typing this at 1 in the morning on my phone.
  6. Mivec01

    1. Your Name and Age: Mivec , 17 2. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:177348910 3. How long are you playing CSS ? Roughly since 2013? Before gfl died. 4. Why do you think, we should take you into the team? What knowledge do you have, what is important for you ON a server or in the community? Well , I have pretty decent gameplay knowledge of most relevant maps with items , where they're supposed to be used and how etc. how to appropriately deal with trollers / inflators in a way that is fitting to them or the severity of said act. What's most important to me on a community/server would be the players. Admins shouldn't be considered "superior" to the players just because they have a few extra permissions. Players should have the right to express their opinions without being it being criticized by admins as being a "crybaby" just because they dare to speak out against punishment that they feel is unfair. 5. Which experiences do you have about being an ADMIN and other things that can benefit us having you as an admin? I was trial on nide.ru for about 2 weeks before getting demoted for ungagging someone that got gagged unfairly. As for other things that can benefit "us" as having myself as admin is that I know pretty much all the useful commands from the time I was trial and well , I can deal with most people that troll / die on purpose. 6. Some details about yourself, what are you doing right now, how often do you think you'll play on the server? Currently in what's generally known as "college" , first year , just finished most of my exams for this year with 1 left. Probably going to get further education after that. (if its relevant at this point in time). Currently I rarely play on the server since there's really not much it has to offer me seeing as there are only 1 level maps being played when I'm on or can play css , and well , there's not really any players that are worth being on the server just to talk or mess around with them. I am however , going to be on holiday during December so I will probably be on more often during that period. 7. here is a small question need to answer it , imagine if you are a new admin on the server and there is a player he is being specious to using Aimbot, And you need to deal with him how will you deal with that? Write your answer in full details more detailed answer mean better answer , new admin applications should consider this question . Considering I am a trial admin and have no ban permissions , I'd go and spectate him , see if he's blatantly aimbotting ( constant headshots or incredibly high damage for that particular player etc. ) , confirm that he is indeed aimbotting and then just proceed to call a higher-up admin with ban permissions to come and deal with him. I would keep him off the server or try to get him off either by kicking him , freezing him , stripping him etc. before the admin with ban perms gets on the server just so he doesn't ruin the experience for others.
  7. Mivec01

    very big +1
  8. Mivec01

    items get bugged sometimes on laboratory where even if u spam jump + e it doesn't use , it got bugged on the same round u got cucked by the insta kill spikes :omegalul:
  9. Mivec01

    Given so many chances whenever he f*cks up from the time he slayed zero on Lila to the time on dreamin v2 to today - “time to time bad decisions can be taken under anger” sure sure , demote him for a week. Given his record of being totally submissive to authority ( kicking admins from spectate when specifically told not to ) I’m sure he’ll 100% learn from this sh*t show and become a proper admin. this is why unloze is better :yeet:
  10. Mivec01

    can I just say that only my topics bring nide forums to live? ok thanks
  11. Mivec01

    1: Your own ingame name - Mivec 2: Your own steam-ID - 3: Name of the admin(s) involved - Henry 4: What server did it happen on - css ze 5: What map - cosmo v1 / knife fun 6: Time and date - 27/10/19 / 28/10/19 7: Explain the situation - On cosmo v1 , henry dies and I say "sh*thead down" no names nothing , of course I did mean to direct to him but he assumes it was to him the moment I said it. Bear in mind , the chat was f*cking crazy or so I remember as it WAS cosmo. A second or so later , he gags me for a day. I get pissed and message some people about it but I just decided to just say whatever essentially and just wait out the gag. A day later after some odd conversation with henry on discord , anwar messages me and says he deleted the ban I got from henry for inflating a couple weeks or so ago along with the 1 day gag. A little while later , henry gags me again on rocket escape ( I think? ) saying " [SourceComms++] Henry: Issued an extended gag on Mivec for 500 minutes (reason: Ungaging without permissions.). ". I PM anwar about it he says he'll check it out. On knife fun , the gag gets removed. After a minute or so of me being ungagged , I get gagged by console for 480 minutes. Cant be bothered to check the reason. Some other stupid sh*t happened before , after and between these events of course but I cant be bothered to list them. 8: Proof - The demo of cosmo v1 on 27/10/19 , the demo of knife fun today. White knights incoming?
  12. Mivec01

    Am I a known troller? Alright then. Sorry then , that I didn’t go to spec in under 3 seconds with my 250 ping. I’ll be sure to hover my hand over my spec button from now on. What’s wrong with my attitude though? I take the game as a game and joke around. Welp. This is why I don’t bother to report admins now because apparently I like to joke around and mess with admins and that makes me wrong in every possible situation. Just curious though , did you even bother to watch the demo before rushing to defend Henry since I’m a “known troller”?
  13. Mivec01

    First of all: If he really needed to piss then why would he bhop a bit before getting banned?hmm Like I said to pasas , I just got back from school bout half an hour ago. Wanted to warm up a little bit. You'd see in the demo that I throughout the whole first few rounds I was doing just that. Saying I have to go take a piss doesn't mean I had to leave right away , did it? If I really had the intention of trimming the cts , why would I continue bhopping in circles rather than going towards CTs in the last few seconds before getting banned? I knew the round still had some time left before either CTs lost or won. Why would I rush off....? he would type !spec and go piss instantly after infection. That alone proves what he wanted to do. I've done my job according to the rules and yes i call that inflating. Why knifing zombie on purpose? (Knowing that you might die). It means he has no interest in winning, Just trolling. Think about it for a second.. why would you even knife when its not needed? it's either you are bored or either you are helping zombies. Yes, Mivec created an excuse after a ban... "I wanted to go to toilet" Which is very very Lame reason or excuse. Same thing with what I said above. And that alone proves what? That you had every intention to ban me? I was given 3 SECONDS OR LESS to go to spec. Perhaps some others may have their spectate binds closer to WASD / their mouse but I have my spec key binded to rightarrow key and on my keyboard that's not very near to either since I have an odd way of bhopping. And why not knife zombies back on purpose? I wasn't even defending or whatever. Just doorhugging. Dying there and then would've only helped CTs beat the tank boss faster since i'm not there to inflate the boss' hp any higher. And you're right on 1 thing. I wasn't interested in winning. I wasn't interested in winning the first / second level ( don't remember tbh ). I was only interested in winning the last level as is pretty much 90% of every other "semi-decent" player. Bored? Yeah. Who wants to tryhard the second level when they could maintain their interest in the last level by having fun the way they want to before that? Knifing zombies BACK isn't exactly stipulated as a bannable offence in the server rules list as far as I can tell. Secondly, Instead of reporting on forums .. he went to Admins>Pasas with a lie "I wanted to go piss so i did that". He never mentioned it in the server. Let alone he said so "Time to inflate". Which means he can inflate anytime. Doesn't matter if its before or after. Only reason I went to pasas and raged about it is 'cause the guy knows what kind of player I am. We've been friends for quite some time now and at the time I saw that he was on the server or at least actively reading / responding on the discord server so why wouldn't I tell him about it so he can give me his opinion? He's stated nothing but the facts from what he saw from the demo of shaurma. He wasn't on the server or anything so as far as he's concerned , there isn't an sort of bias or whatever. Just facts. Indeed @Pasas1345 he didn't touch CT's. cause i banned him as soon as he inflated. Let me ask you for a second, what is the meaning of inflating? does it mean that we have to kill cts in order to say that this is "Inflation"? Well, here is what Klixus said: >Inflating = Joining zm team on purpose Just to clarify that< Yes this is exactly what Inflating means. It doesn't mean if you haven't killed anyone. Now don't say you didn't know please. Yes you knew it but still did it on purpose. I've warned all players x10 times on voice chat "Do not inflate or knife the zms" you simply ignored what i said so yes i had to ban you according to rules. Inflating is defined differently by different people. He defines inflating as simply dying on purpose. I think of it as dying on purpose AND purposely tryharding to ruin the round. I knew that if I tryharded and killed all the cts , it'd 100% be inflating. Of course , I didn't get to that point 'cause I was banned right away. This is what pisses me off. I'd been saying for rounds that I wanted to inflate etc. but THINKING about something and actually DOING it are two different things. You took my words seriously that I wanted to inflate when I'm known as a player that loves to f*ck around with admins. Especially ones that I think are assholes. And going by YOUR logic , you're saying that if you WARN the whole playerbase about a certain action even before they DO the action , you consider it as though they'd been warned and just ban them? Also , a 60 minute ban? You justify that length based on my previous ban record which , until a couple of retarded admins , was clean. The only other ban on my record besides yours is checkster's which happened weeks ago and it was quite the laughable ban reason. Not to mention , it was a completely irrelevant offence. And the argument , "you're a known troller" wouldn't even work. I hope you wont take it to heart but what i want is straight up normal gameplay. And try to accept your mistakes and learn from it. You went to pasas knowing that he will take your side no matter what happens. I don't take that sh*t. And i'm not idiot enough to not notice that he will just trust anyones words and then go against them. Yes thats what he did. He thought he would get promoted to lead admin like that. But here's where he made mistake He has never once taken my side without significant proof that I was indeed innocent of whatever I was being punished for. You don't take sh*t? Good for you. He didn't simply take my word for it. In our messages , I asked him to unban me first when it was knife fun since I knew for a fact that I didn't do anything wrong or even had the intention of doing anything wrong. He told me https://imgur.com/a/SQhkEHh So tell me , how did he simply take / trust my word they were? Are you seriously trying to f*cking frame a 14 year old for framing another admin as an asshole in order to get promoted to lead admin? Says quite the bit about your character doesn't it? 1. Blaming admin(Me) without proof. - False. He saw the demo with his own eyes. It's available for ANYONE to see. He didn't blame without proof. 2. Changing the meaning of inflation to earn respect from the troller (mivec) and to get promoted by earning respect. - He didn't change anything. He used the most generic definition of "inflation" widely accepted by most. Secondly , why would he even need my respect? 3. Failing to speak from both sides and not trusting his own staff(Me). https://imgur.com/a/tc1BXLm Well then, Since i've seen these kind of staff in my past 10 years. I'm not an idiot who gets trapped by some other guy. - Trapped? You've been cucked for this kinda sh*t before. Ebanning me for using wind correctly on dreamin to save more cts. Slaying prematurely. and a couple more things I cba to remember. And now i'll let lead admins handle the rest. - Wouldn't that be good for you since you'd most likely end up with a simple warning as you did in the 2 previous reports I found on these forums Can you really say you didn't ban me for the sake of banning me? I'm not even that good of a bhopper. Do you really think I would've made it to CTs in under a few seconds without getting boosted by getting shot by CTs? (note , the door before the trains on shaurma was near enough open or open so cts were all going back ) You could've waited a few more seconds before deciding to ban me , no? Its not hard to see a zombie flying into cts right? TLDR : I bet you banned me for the sake of banning me. Kicking me off the discord for calling you a dipsh*t on a server where racism is allowed? Seems like a desperate attempt to get me to gtfo.
  14. Mivec01

    1: Your own ingame name - Mivec 2: Your own steam-ID 3: Name of the admin(s) involved - Henry 4: What server did it happen on - css ze 5: What map - shaurma v3 6: Time and date - 8/10/19 7: Explain the situation - I say in chat , rounds before "can I inflate now" or "time to inflate" or something along those lines. Never did inflate. Henry "warns" me for saying im gonna inflate. Couple rounds later , I needa go take a piss , I go to knife zombies back and eventually die after 2-3 knifes? I'm thinking , alright well im dead. might as well practise bhop a little bit. ( Just got back from school half an hour or so before. ) Go to spec after a bit. Bear in mind. This was nowhere near any cts. Except guess what , 3 seconds later or less im banned for "inflating/knifing"? Didn't even have time to spec. 8: Proof - too lazy to link the demo. Thanks for making me waste 5 minutes typing this pointless report.
  15. Mivec01

    Not the first time henry's pulled this kinda sh*t off but sure lets just keep going with the "you must follow the admin guidelines" trick , I'm sure that'll work out nicely.