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  1. Daddy le toxic

    Epic hopefully this event doesn't turn to a major failure
  2. Daddy le toxic

    -1 this nigga will soon die from all those fires in Australia
  3. Daddy le toxic

    +1 for this guy i mean a lot of people wrote essays for their admin application and we saw the results absolute sh*tters Wicked is by far better then all of them and we don't need a well written application because we saw the results don't judge a book by its cover Wicked is a veteran when it comes to ze he knows most of the maps ,the rules and the playerbase unlike other admins you guys recruited And he speaks russian so he can communicate with the retarded russian players(not all obviously but most of them ) Again admin application is overrated and should not take it that seriously Thats just my opinion everyone have his own
  4. Daddy le toxic

    i can break your back in 15 seconds trust me
  5. Daddy le toxic

    your mom was a social experiment she was so ugly they made here breed with pigs and monekys no man on earth wanted to f*ck ur mom and guess what is the result of that experiment yeah gg its you holy sh*t you ugly no iq pig face moneky brain kid
  6. Daddy le toxic

    IM 22 kid get f*cked
  7. Daddy le toxic

    WELL Don't kinfe if you know you will f*ck up u retard and you knifing caused a lot of people to die so hope is not wrong here get f*cked kid
  8. Daddy le toxic

    gimme one bcs klixus keeps abusing me for not having steam my favourite moment is when klixus banned me for seven days for insulting him he got butthurt then pivo unbanned me and klixus rage quited nide gg ez
  9. Daddy le toxic

    God this man sure talks alot and bitchez a lot and if he gets admin we will see a lot of drama and im all for it Anyways i see mivec bring valid and solid takes when ever he debates, the kid is smart Sure this bonbo can be toxic(most of the time) but ill pick this bonbo over most of the other admins However the nigga dosn't realy care about being in server that much and honestly i don't blame him the maps realy suck during the evenings If he gets admin pretty sure he will know how to deal with most abusers/trollers ect.. He is a regular and probably got more knowledge than most of the trials by far Its actually not even close gotta give credit when it must be given However the kid showed that he trolls the players and f*cks with them from time to time honestly for me its not that big of deal however rules are rules At the end of the day i think and when i think i put a lot of my 142iq into it that dosn't happen a lot since im stoned most of the time Im against giving him a trial however his knowledge and the way i expect him to deal with the trollers/abuset ect... will be on point better then any other trial the kid have potential so i say yes for him and leads need to keep an eye on him he could be a fantastic perma admin Last advices drop the ego a bit stop debating the whole time (sometimes you need to let insignificant stuff go ) As for @LmntriX i see that he is strongly against you and i can see why and i personally don't blame the man however i know that lmntrix is flexible and can accept you Lmntrix trust me on this one give him a trial and test the kid he is not bad when it comes to the points i mentioned before he is by far better then the other guys however if his not active and keeps the bitchy attitude and the toxicity then send him the shadow realm f*ck me i need to smoke one now my brain overheated +0
  10. Daddy le toxic

    Na you spam the mic so much Jk this man is hyped and energetic all the time for a 22yo man keep it up You applied late they already accepted a lot of new trials so kinda .mehh
  11. Daddy le toxic

    Chill out girl its all banter why would i hate you bcs you lied hell i lie all the time its all jokes nothing is serious
  12. Daddy le toxic

    she is active but she is shy she only speaks with alpha males like me but she told me she is 20 i feel betrayed marie i thought im going to fly to iraq and marry u damn il feel like a pedo now gg
  13. Daddy le toxic

    o sh*tt marie u told me u are 20 wtf lmao
  14. Daddy le toxic

    good guy unlike the other garbage admin who sit in spec and spam lenny bro man salam acctualy catches all the kinfers trollers and tell the other cunts to ban them however they keep spamming lenny anyways +1