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  • CS:S ZE Event #319 - New Maps! Who's dis? - Chapter II

    CS:S Zombie Escape Event #319
    20/04/24 - 4PM GMT+2 (Server Time)

    New Maps! Who's dis? - Chapter II

    3 Days of VIP to winners!
    Since this is the first time the maps will be played
    for an event we won't award high amounts of VIP.


    🗺️ Maps to be played
    ze_xenovation_v3_5_s [Download Here]
    ze_lootus_v2_s [Download Here]
    ze_Cyberspace_v1_s [Download Here]

    ⏰ Times of the event
    🇫🇷 France

    20/04/24 @ 4PM GMT+2:00 
     🇺🇸 USA
    (New York)

    20/04/24 @ 10AM GMT-5:00

     🇮🇳 India

    20/04/24 @ 8:30PM GMT+5:30 

     🇦🇺 Australia

    21/04/24 @ 2AM GMT+11:00 
    🇷🇺 Russia

    20/04/24 @ 6PM GMT+3:00

    If you don't see your timezone here, you can convert GMT+1 by clicking on this link.

    📜 Special rules
    Rules will be enforced strictly during the event: spam in the microphone and trolling will not be allowed and will be punished without a warning.
    Any type of trolling will have severe consequences!

    👑 Leader
    Anyone willing to lead will get some extra VIP days has a reward.

    🎁 Rewards
    Winning the map ze_xenovation_v3_5_s will grant you 1 day of vip. 
    Winning the map
     ze_lootus_v2_s will grant you 1 day of vip.
    Winning the map
     ze_Cyberspace_v1_s will grant you 1 day of vip. 


    ◽ Server: CS:S Zombie Escape
    ◽ IP:
    ◽ Steam event link: NiDE Steam Group

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    Winning the map ze_xenovation_v3_5_s will grant you 1 day of vip.

     "sweetdreams" STEAM_0:1:520503507 alive human
     "Personne Respectable" STEAM_0:1:113671 alive human
     "Neideyi" STEAM_0:0:546142735 alive human
     "Aluc4rd" STEAM_0:0:589624102 alive human
     "Masquerade" STEAM_0:0:44229858 alive human
     "White0_0" STEAM_0:0:557733796 alive human
     "RATE" STEAM_0:1:549085571 alive human
     "koruko" STEAM_0:0:229190907 alive human
     "kliW" STEAM_0:1:187517033 alive human
     "Robert" STEAM_0:0:151142532 alive human
     "Gunter" STEAM_0:1:794503962 alive human
     "sito" STEAM_0:0:243844736 alive human

    Winning the map ze_lootus_v2_s will grant you 1 day of vip.

     "RockLeeTheGreenBeast" STEAM_0:1:29141867 alive human
     "Francois" STEAM_0:0:77880244 alive human
     "MyPcIsWeakForCS2SoIStayWithCSS" STEAM_0:1:63782147 alive human
     "heavy" STEAM_0:0:511909863 alive human
     "hiki " STEAM_0:0:82450935 alive human
     "Shira" STEAM_0:0:589624102 alive human
     "^ PARTA" STEAM_0:0:427481654 alive human
     "Charon IV" STEAM_0:1:572327812 alive human
     "Rix :V" STEAM_0:0:148666072 alive human
     "koen" STEAM_0:1:114921174 alive human
     "Sansa" STEAM_0:1:16397196 alive human
     "NONO 01" STEAM_0:1:11726693 alive human
     "miku" STEAM_0:1:421678424 alive human
     "fup" STEAM_0:0:38754764 alive human
     "Waste" STEAM_0:0:124739830 alive human
     "Cristiano Ronaldo" STEAM_0:0:159959603 alive human
     "DarKKen" STEAM_0:1:456779252 alive human
     "1" STEAM_0:1:232584827 alive human
     "AbNer" STEAM_0:1:176080818 alive human

    Winning the map ze_Cyberspace_v1_s will grant you 1 day of vip. 

    Ribok [STEAM_0:0:529673762]: alive human
    Personne Respectable [STEAM_0:1:113671]: alive human
    heavy [STEAM_0:0:511909863]: alive human
    Fay [STEAM_0:0:779786732]: alive human
    machu [STEAM_0:1:94908621]: alive human
    ^ PARTA [STEAM_0:0:427481654]: alive human
    Charon IV [STEAM_0:1:572327812]: alive human
    RubyRose [STEAM_0:1:611858052]: alive human
    RATE [STEAM_0:1:549085571]: alive human
    Horace le Petit Oisillon [STEAM_0:1:32793231]: alive human
    Krystell'arc [STEAM_0:1:220278196]: alive human
    JakeSnowy [STEAM_0:1:63760752]: alive human
    columbo [STEAM_0:1:3728498]: alive human
    Venture [STEAM_0:1:554402073]: alive human
    V POISKAH GOBLINOV [STEAM_0:1:63737298]: alive human
    Hong Kong Express [STEAM_0:1:500671866]: alive human
    bep. [STEAM_0:1:454921932]: alive human
    koen [STEAM_0:1:114921174]: alive human
    momo [STEAM_0:1:6491950]: alive human
    Dimka153 [STEAM_0:1:86849844]: alive human
    Magic [STEAM_0:0:22387447]: alive human
    Waste [STEAM_0:0:124739830]: alive human
    MALAKA [STEAM_0:0:171919765]: alive human
    Cristiano Ronaldo [STEAM_0:0:159959603]: alive human
    aivT [STEAM_0:0:119885911]: alive human
    nana [STEAM_0:0:218504787]: alive human
    Atom.ic [STEAM_0:0:126371080]: alive human
    STRiiKER [STEAM_0:0:193337151]: alive human

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