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    ZR Event #6 - last chance

    aF! mohamed.



    Zombie Revival Event #6

    16/05/2020 - 5 PM GMT +0 

    Welcome to another event

     last chance

    Good Luck!

    Event information:

    • We will play the following map(s):
      • zm_lila_nide_ak1_v9_6j (which you can download manually here )
      • zm_camper_indian  (which you can download manually here)

    Special information: RTV, Knifing zombies, Resetscore and Blast (Pushing props by a grenade) will be disabled.

    • Time of the event: 16/05/2020 at 5pm GMT+0
    • Special rules:  Normal rules will be applied, Edging or let your team die as a human will result in a ban up to 30 minutes.
    • Rewards: Rewards will be considered by this way:
    • Top1 score - Will get 7 days of VIP in every map.
    • Top2 score - Will get 5 days of VIP in every map.
    • Top3 score - Will get 3 days of VIP in every map.
    • Top4 score - Will get 2 days of VIP in every map.
    • Top5 score - Will get 1 day of VIP in every map

    Connect information:

    • Server:  Zombie Revival
    • IP:
    • Steam event link: NiDE Steam Group
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