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Locked Abusing extending vote from Cloud.


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 1: Your own ingame name: Lardy
2: Your own steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:24305424
3: Name of the admin(s) involved: Cloud
4: What server did it happen on: Zombies escape.
5: What map: ze_FFVII_Cosmo_Canyon_v5fix
6: Time and date: 29-04.2021
7: Explain the situation.

We was playing this map and the score was bad (3/10 at the end if i’m right.) even if players was motivated to beat the map.

Cloud did a first extend for 10 mins that got accepted by players and a second force extend for 1 min just at the end of the supposed last round. I didn’t want to report Cloud for the first extend but his general behavior as admin make me feel that some higher should keep an eye at how he is doing his job as admin and even more his application for the server.

As i know, admins doesn’t have the right anymore to extend ff maps even if the score is good and even if the map is not beaten.

Killik also, if i understood, removed time restrictions on ff maps, don’t show to him that he was wrong to let players enjoy theses maps when they wants because i don’t think that inGame would agree with that kind of decisions if he knows what his team are doing with theirs powers.
8: Proof: Demo.

Have a Nice day.

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Admin has been demoted.  Thanks Lardy for reporting.


- Admins cannot extend FF maps anymore no matter what, correct.

- He got his admin frozen last time, and that was his last chance to improve.

- Demoted due to extend abuse, obviously did not read admin guidelines properly.

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