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      Shut up Pakistan  hehe

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  2. IXR Icey Cake

    His ban was removed
  3. IXR Icey Cake

    Hello there, Ty Mrai. We noticed you applied twice..? And it is not even in a wrong place. Hopefully you'll remove that another application of yours previously made because it's duplicated! Now now.. let's talk about your application. I see that you forgot to put your age after you put your name. We can't just assume you're 16+ like that! No worries, no need to be insecure of your age. Then for question number 8, we give a 1 week ban as a warning! Warning them before banning is not a way to do it buddy due to the fact that they are cheaters, they won't listen for sh*t we tell them! And 3 or 4 days ban? Thats nothing for the cheaters.. now let's talk about your activity in game, I've checked you have lower connections on NiDE and that doesn't seem to be acceptable. However you had an experience on the previous community you administrated 3 years ago, also got a lot of times in CSS which is great, really.. Though, I prefer you improve your connection on NiDE. 2 hours connection is just a big nono! I also barely see you in game, and some other admins are confused who the heck are you but I've heard you are from N4A community. Again, I prefer you to interact more with the admins and the players, so the admins could see how you behave, and give their opinions. Time to make new friends on NiDE! Thus, NEUTRAL.
  4. IXR Icey Cake

    Yukiki, Yunono, Yukiki, Yunono. Shizo, m0w0m is next as bonus map pls
  5. IXR Icey Cake

    Hey there, Cloud. Good job you applied for an admin. I'm really happy to see that you would like to help and serves the community. Even though, the application is short and not in details (referring to the answers for question 5 and 6), but it's alright since you've shown me what have you done as donated admin, it makes me feel like you could be better as trial admin! Therefore, here, +1 from me you deserves a chance. People can change. da da, and I wish you the best luck.
  6. IXR Icey Cake

    I've read everything. Basically, don't disappoint us. Take my +1 since I've seen some changes from you and hopefully, you'll get to show these people who were against you, improvement as an admin!
  7. IXR Icey Cake

    Thank you Portal from Portal and Portal 2.
  8. IXR Icey Cake

    Shizo, biohazard nemesis rpd event
  9. IXR Icey Cake

    Could you use this template when reporting an admin? and you got banned for aimbotting, as stated in Sourceban.
  10. IXR Icey Cake

    Hey, I remember you.. cerocool. That's a nice looking app you written! Actually no, what did I told you in the previous app you made? I hoped you can improve to be better! I did not tell you to copy my app. And your activity on the server is still very low! These days, I did not see you anywhere hmm. Other than that, I assume that you still haven't improved your English since you copied my app (except you wrote your name, age and Steam ID). I will be giving you another -1. And the application will likely to be denied because you put in no efforts. William, thank you for the respond towards my app! xD
  11. IXR Icey Cake

    Its deleted because, unnecessary for humans to use it. Now don't look at me, I've never discussed about deleting the feature for humans since I got no problems with it
  12. IXR Icey Cake

    Dont think it'll happen :x
                                         Bro, may God bless you with everything you ever think of. Amen

  14. IXR Icey Cake