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Locked ban for no reason .


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so we were playing this map and i got banned for this :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe3fde5xg_6XDQ_6GUhJ6ZQ(starts at 5.21)

well i was gonna knife but i coulnt and nobody died i didnt kill anybody with a knife so and i was perma banned eventough thi was my second ban so this ban doesnt even make sense and yes i did say i was afk but b4 that i also said i can. This ban doesnt even make sense and i am not gonna apologize to any admins .

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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin

Since you were toxic as hell during this event : insulting different admins (and also few days ago), indeed perma was a bit long.
But regarding fact that this was an event + that you ve been agressive with admins + that you have been an admin on Nide (even if u would say you did nothing which is true and were not admin for a long time) : the lenght been reduced to 1 month

We don't want toxic player with bad behaviour like you had
Ban been reduced to 2 weeks. Topic closed.
Oh and just medidate on these sentences : 
i am improveing my self as a person right now
i think i can commuciate with every kind of player

I am pretty sure you will remember who said that few months ago

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