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So currently on the server there is plenty of admins right?

Some of admins need some training or at least notify them to be active on server and when they go afk to leave it, it's a first thing.

Second thing most of admins react like turtles after X minutes, no offense to them but we are wasting time while 1 guy is hiding and eating popcorn.

I think it's time to do something about these admins that are waiting X time to slay humans for example cause this is starting to get annoying and some players will start playing more less on nide

Another thing is that admins should not be pussy (no offense too), if they see something bad they should react instead watch, because this is why people say "nide is currently shit-show" stuff like that. 

Ofc I wasnt good admin my self before coz i did some mistakes but I reacted quickly at least and properly in most cases.

I hope some higher ups read this and will do some actions with current admins.

Currently I can say that Cron, WB, Fierce are only good admins in my opinion (I'm not gonna list lsa)

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  • Management

I talked with creepy over private message. It's all good now and staff will recieve a message so we staff can improve our slaying for maps! 

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