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  1. Get into the Flushr

    I see what you did there chivas
  2. Get into the Flushr

    "i gotchu home-boy" that's my quote for ya abner heard it from a player on the server joking aside ill think about it for ya and give you a miga giga ultra epic quote
  3. Get into the Flushr

    I think mother zombie hates me, or am i just that cursed ? So few weeks ago we were playing skyrim and i spawned as a zombie 3/4 times and we haven't even extended yet, respawning as a zombie two times is rare for me personally be it isn't something out of the question but more than that is just ridiculous what did i do to you mother zm to do me like that HUH
  4. Get into the Flushr

    +1 great application man since you have experience of managing other servers before you will do great no doubt, wish you luck nonetheless and hope you can benefit the server with your knowledge and positivity
  5. Get into the Flushr

    is chivas' one and only reason d'etre to react "confused" on literally every post/reply on nide forums ?