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  1. i dont get why would you apply ? arent you former admin ? cant you just get your position back ?
  2. yooooooooooooo my guy wicked here is spittin, man i be tellin ya man, he be spittin staight up facts, free ma nigga forze
  3. Could've added froyo or outside in the mix
  4. Are you going to give us vip for this next month ?
  5. Honestly you should be accepted even without making an application
  6. will you give vip to the guys who died cuz of the glitched helicopter ? since you know only 1 guy survived that
  7. man all this time wasted and when you finally finish it we will be greeted with a light retribution 2nd iteration
  8. Add otaku room as a bonus if we beat both map quickly
  9. Idk how this hyper detection system works but i know for sure nothai doeant use hyperscroll
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