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in-Game Name: Vasiliy le fascist

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:4413733

Muted by : @Killik

I like to spam music and have some autism, it's the main reason why I still play CSS, today I got muted by Killik for spamming too much, but I play like 15 hours a week at max and spam mostly only on some chill maps, so it doesn't do any harm to anyone, if there's a leader I never interrupt him with spamming, moreover there's !sm command on server, so anyone can mute me. Please unmute me if you can.

And f*ck this ARCO russian imperialist, cuckold, g*y, virgin, anime lover, cocksucker, 8 cm penis owner, zoophile, immigrant, pedophile for snitching on me to Killik.

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  • Developer

After +140 mute and didn't count the previous sourcebans +300 mute. It's time to have a break for you, maybe take time for thinks about all your abuse. 

Insulting people will not help you... 

Well deserved. 

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