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Greetings! I am really uncultured or ignorant of how the system works or blah blah. But I am really curious to know why do I not find admins on the server except AimZakar, Life is a Bitch the poor soul who is always alive on the sv - I love you guys -, and um yes everybody has gotten busy in their daily routine after the lockdown was lifted in several countries. But I want to know the reason why do these players keep playing the same maps every day on a streak? Even in the morning, you can check the list, they keep playing those atix, boat, nemesis. Why so? I don't mind kids having a joy of their few hours permissable by their parents but come on please, these maps need to be restricted for a week and why not we try the random maps? Talking about the morning, see:

Boat 26/65

Random 36/65

Doom v3 58/65

Sg1_missions 40/65 never played it before

Surf_facility 22/65

Surf and Boat and Atix again and again ?

Boat 24/65

Voodo 23/65

Again lol

Boat 25/65

My Heart will Go On 29/65

Sorrento 27/65

Icacap 32/65

Again ⛵⛵⛵⛵⛵⛵

Boat 32/65


Unfortunately, I have to wait on one map then again these retards vote for these overplayed sh*t maps and I leave. Thanks for your interest ?

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  • Event Manager

Hello, thank you for creating this topic to alert us about the problem with the current cooldowns of maps.

We are aware of this and we are already working in a way to make players play more often other maps than FF, Nemesis, Atix, Surf, etc
It is planned to decrease the cooldown of maps in general, some maps will still have their cooldown and some maps will have their cooldown increased.
Minimum players required to play some maps (mostly bigger maps that need a lot of players) might come aswell.

Best regards.

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