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  1. AbNer

    Ummmm, Icey developed a taste for great maps at last. Orgasmic
  2. Heyyy, Cheers mate! 

  3. AbNer

    Could be fun and challenging though. A nice way to attract people like me.
  4. AbNer

    Sure +1. Always there to help us. Stay blessed dear.
  5. AbNer

    Well, to be honest, Creepy, this time I can clearly see the change in attitude of yours..You really took the advice of others and implemented it fully. Stay like this..I am not sure about others but everyday when I play with you I can see a good guy playing with complete knowledge about maps ( this is my personal view of yours )..This time I reckon that me and God both are gonna bless you +1.
  6. AbNer

    Bolol , the only thing to get the revenge is to buy whole NIDE Vip
  7. AbNer

    You are right in terms of using it when the team players are dying but that is what admins are for, they slay. But II believe it is an unnecessary action as it always helped me when I get stuck and most of the time get pass through the zms easily.. Not a good decision to disable ztele.
  8. AbNer

    Hey Bro, You are never alone (but you can be lonely )tbh . We always have few people praying for us on our back. Randy, I love you. may Allah bless you.
                                         Bro, may God bless you with everything you ever think of. Amen

  10. AbNer

    Yo Man A great application, simply great..Your last thought was simply best..Tbh, this is what I always looked and searched for. I mean you are truly a great leader and I can tell that by your words..You are completely right on the point that admins should not be impulsive in their behavior.What else can we ask, simply great..Beautifully written and I have seen you and played with you..of course I love your work. One day, I would love to have little of your time in order to explore your great personality. May God Bless You Brother. +100
  11. AbNer

    Welcome Comrade...I played with you today..great and a nice guy.
  12. Happy Birthday boy. Stay Blessed.

  13. AbNer

    Luffy you are a good boy and a great player. I agree with you and I totally respect and thank you for reporting what you felt bad or uncomfortable. Luffy you are good and all of the players are your friends and teasing among players is common, you should also try to play with them and go with the flow and try to keep quiet when admins tell you, as I tried to tell you not to speak after wanderer removed your comm block but you didn't stop, also 1 day comm block is not so wise keeping in view that Luffy lead us and most of the time playing when you guys are not. On the other hand, I'm really sad
  14. Oh Nice, it's gonna be full of fun.
  15. AbNer

    May God bless you. You are a great guy and did a perfect duty. I will remember you in my prayers. May all your troubles soon be gone. You are one of those great guys whom are we gonna remember in great words. May God bless you.
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