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  1. To Be Honest, it does not even matter..We already know you and that you are a pro
  2. AbNer

    The Last time I won Vip was when I played my first event...Hope this time I find time to play the event.
  3. AbNer

    Brothers it's really a great help..Thank You
  4. AbNer

    BRUDDAHS!!!!! It would be a great help for me if you can write me some of your own QUOTES..I need some good quotes for my work..I shall never be able to Thank You enough if you do that favor to me but I assure you I shall always remember you in my prayers..TATA ! I don't care about a specific topic.You can just write me whatever you like.THANK YOU ALL.
  5. AbNer

    Few days ago WICKED gave some suggestions regarding the maps..I really cared about his opinion and also agreed with our most respected senior player BATATAA.. All I wanna say is that why don't we try to keep his suggestion in consideration and try it for a few days..All I mean here is that let's attract those lost players again and when the sv shows stability or consistency, we can set it to the previous state again..What you all say ? Should we conduct a POLL ? regarding the concerned matter ? You can ignore my message as I know that senior players know much but at least You all should try to give your suggestion in the regarding section maybe it would help. STAY BLESSED I LOVE HUMANITY ~HITLER
  6. AbNer

    You really are a good person..I've my complete faith in you. +1
  7. AbNer

    the best way to counter it is by defending
  8. AbNer

    I agree with Wicked but the argument put forward by Batata is really good..I agree with Batata considering the fact that for the past few days many new players have joined Nide so, it is better to keep them attracted by gradually developing their skill rather than scaring them of your skills...same has happened with me too.
  9. AbNer

    @NikaTech I agree with you on doorhuggers..Few weeks ago I used to be one of them but now I'm improving myself haha
  10. AbNer

    Actually one thing that really got me unnerve today is that majority of the players voted for Ashen and then left, bringing down the number of players to 20..We wasted such a good map today.
  11. AbNer

    Greetings my dear Brothers ! I wanna know what are the maps that you are fed up with or if there's any particular map that you think is ruining the server's population.. Ofcourse I have no power but in the matter we all can understand each other's needs better..I'm sure it would definitely help. Stay at Home Stay Safe..
  12. AbNer

    Well the person has some nice idea..I think the Management should think about LIVESTREAM..NIDE is a large community..Surely even I searched for the server videos on Youtube.
  13. AbNer

    Greetings ! MY dear brothers and sisters( I know only one RAI ) don't get mad Killik. Ok Sorry. We are like a Family..The time that we are spending with eachother will end some day, we are making memories....What I meant here is that we all joke or play or even tease sometime but I know that none of the player here has any bad intention at all..A little fun is always accepted. I'm sorry if I ever broke heart of anybody..I'm little witty, forgive me. NIDE is the best community I ever came across..I'm happy to find you guys..I'm not trying to be Morgan Freeman or some kind of inspiration at all.. It's my way of expressing respect and love.. Thank You. By the way, all of you try to vote for maps as I've seen that if 40 players are playing only 15 out of them take part in voting..that sometimes ruins the nextmap.

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      YOU DESERVE THAT MAN. May Allah bless you in both lives.