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I was just thinking of the nomlist that I always see it full with atix, boat, nemesis or other maps like voodo, dangerous waters, venice, titanic that are most likely to kill the sv. Even right now, these players were playing atix, boat and then from surf vortex to again nemesis. Pfffttt. I love this server and I love seeing people enjoying here and having a laugh together. I really love Nide but c'mon you guys need to act and think of something. About the nomlist, I was thinking:

1- If you could restrict players from nominating maps 

2- If only admins could nominate maps 

3- If 70pc of the nomlist consists of hard maps or ff like I don't remember but if there are a Max of 8 nominations then you could vacant the 5 slots for only hard maps involving ff 

4- The other 30pc for easy and fun maps. Strictly speaking, when I say easy I'm not talking about maps like atix, boat or other heart will go on types. The maps could be that are never played or played often

5- Maybe try it for a few days or so. 

Thanks for your precious time. Have a beautiful day!

I love you Life is a Bitch ❤️








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We are already working in a way to change this "problem" with nominated maps, those maps you listed will have their cooldown increased!
Other maps in general will have their cooldown decreased to give them a chance to be played more often.

Best regards.

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