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Locked Darth Revan's ZE Admin Application


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1.- Name and age: Darth Revan, but you can call me Revan. 28 years old.

2.- Discord: Revan #5532

3.- SteamID and which server you applying for: STEAM_0:1:23324182 (ZE CSS)

4.- How long are u playing css: I've been playing CSS since probably 2009 or earlier, but for a while. I had a hiatus for a few years because I played LoL instead. But now I'm back! Gotta add to my 800+ hours. (rookie numbers)

5.- You will need minimun of 72h of connection time (3 days): 
I sure hope I do? But if I don't I'll have it soon enough since I have a lot of fun on the server and want to continue in doing so!

6.- Why do you think we should take you into the team? What knowledge do you have, what is important for you ON a server or in the community?
I have a lot of prior experience with communication which is always a strong point in my opinion. I'm a funny guy, I always make people have fun time. Doesn't matter if it's to the team or community, if the people are happy I'm happy. And that's not to sound cheesy or anything, we are here to have fun so let's have fun.

7.- Which experiences do you have about being an ADMIN and other things that can beneift us having you as an admin?
Back in the day I was an admin on a Surf server for about 2 years when I loved just playing Surf, some experience also in being an admin on an Arma 2 DayZ server for about 1 year. 
I donated for admin status to refresh my memory on being an admin on a CSS server, it's like riding a bike. It's doesn't really go away once you've done it. The most important thing is to never let people get to you mentally, and never to abuse the admin "power". 

8.- Some details about yourself, what are you doing right now, how often do you think you'll play on the server?

I work fulltime but it won't really be an issue because I really enjoy the server and players, it's fun. I will play as much as I can in my free time which will be a lot in the coming time forward.

9.- here is a small question need to answer it, imagine if you are a new admin on the server and there is a player he is being specious to using Aimbot, And you need to deal with him how will you deal with that? Write your answer in full details more detailed answer mean better answer, new admin applications should consider this question.

I know this is probably a trick question since the server as far as I know is VAC-secured, so the system would most likely detect a player with a cheat. But let's say one does fall through the cracks and come in the server. I'd spectate the player in question to make sure that it's actual Aimbot, if that's the case I'd record said person for a full minute doesn't need more than that if it's Aimbot. Ban said person for a week, and inform my superiors of this and show the video for them to make the final assessment (permban).

10.- Needs a minimun of 1+ players and 3+ admins to get approved + Lead admins will have the final word.
Seems fair enough. ?

Hope you guys n' girls won't be too rough on me, I just wanna help on the server and make sure people are having a good time together. ??

Edited by Darth Revan
Forgot to add for which server and game. My bad.
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4 minutes ago, Bolol said:

-1 for not being 30. 

But, +2 because your soon 30 years young.

Haha I'm not even joking when I say that I have anxiety knowing I turn 30 soon... ?

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1 minute ago, Darth Revan said:

Haha I'm not even joking when I say that I have anxiety knowing I turn 30 soon... ?

Dont, i just turned 31, in november. My tits still feels young.

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Just now, Bolol said:

Dont, i just turned 31, in november. My tits still feels young.

Hahaha glad to hear mate! It's always a nice feeling knowing they're still young. 

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