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Закрыто 2 players using knifehack


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1: Maso
2: [U:1:470315909]
3: -- , ..
4: STEAM_0:0:27197979 ,  STEAM_0:1:23220243 
6: Atix helicopter and rooftoprunway1
7: 1500 gmt 17/02/22
8: the two players go 100+ kills on atix and no one was able to knife them. on rooftop .. had perfect bhop as nemesis and no one could knife him also
9: Check atix and rooftop demos

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Sorry for the late reply Maso

-- and .. are both very good knifers and have been suspected for cheating many times. I can try to find the correct demo later today to review the case.

Going 100+ score on atix is pretty average to hit. But be aware some console commands can boost your way of knifing to gain a little advantage when knifing. We also do have knife scripts that blocks "knife hacking" and we should also have blocked most of the console commands that boosts knife.

Will try to have a reply later today on the case

I checked demo I did not see any knife hacking other than usage of console commands and pure juking.

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