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Hello guys!


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Hello! How are you ?
Me ? Yes. Very good. My name is Tommy Ayotte and I am 21 years old. I was born on July 8, 1998.

I come from Shawinigan.

I am a friendly person who likes to spend time playing computer. Normally, I am a helpful person and I can sometimes trust people.

I played all kinds of modes. My first zombie adventure started at Counter-Strike Source, I had a good time in 2016. I bought zombie escape servers on gtxgaming server. I was a god dodging lasers. Unfortunately, I lost this power, but slowly. recover. I played on many zombie exhaust servers and I was already an administrator.

I first played on UNLOZE, but now I play here. I'm always a little bad, because I did not play for a long time.

My favorite cards:

Final Fantasy cards, because of the difficulty of some intangible rights, and I like a card called "ze_hungergames_fix_2019." There are many other cards that I like, but I just do not remember their full names .

I hope you will accept me in the community and have a good time together.

PS: Please ignore any misspelling. I typed this at night.

My history that I buy the game is: July 7 2016 :)!.
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