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1. Name-wasabi.BH Age-19 (20 this August) 2. wasabi.BH#0001 3. STEAM_0:0:433939882 applying for zr

4. since 2017 and started nide playing 2020

5. sure for 72 hrs

6. ok me respect the decision

7. the guidelines and rules are provided and i will get them to all the players in the server, provide some help if anything needed 🙂and must I will be active to the server ,help with issues, updates about the server and avoid any kind of trouble and be a loyal admin also I have knowledge about the server rules ,admin commands and all about updating of the server

8. admin is the one who keeps the server safe with any kind of cheating or aimbot and also do notified all players about the rules and regulations which can be benefited and be as a friendly and secure admin... 

9. often 1-4 hrs per day and mostly I am free and i spend most time in server as well as in nide discord

10. If in case there is a aimbot by a player , there will be a kick at first time if he repeats the same thing, ban* permanently cuz cheating is not a fun, playing securely is benefited to admins and staffs. 

Изменено пользователем wasabi.BH
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you have already submitted an application not so long ago, if I am not mistaken, since then my decision has not changed, it has been refused!

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