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Hi everyone


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So my name in game and on steam is Ash. (friends sometimes tease me by calling me Ashley but anyhow).I am a 19 years old male who just graduated Highschool this year.Dont know what Uni to go to or what I would like to do in life,well not yet.As a plan B I started studying network engineering,eh I am a beginner so i dont know much yet.If you are curious what kind of person I am,well in short I do have integrity,I love helping others and I am kind and acceptable to everyone,no matter the race,eye color or even age.I believe we are all equal,and I often show the same amount of respect to everyone,even strangers.I hate drama,and unnecesary complications,and I absolutely cant stand not knowing what to do in certain situations.Now to mention ze and css,well I am not  new to ze,I did play zombie escape for 4 years on cs 1.6 and then a few months on css,after that I had a long break,and 2 weeks ago I started playing again.So right now I am on a quest or least journey to become a better zombie escape player.But of course I wish to also make a ton of friends along the way and maybe learn something from everyone.

I will stop here so I dont tire you with the details,if you are curious then you can message me or something I preety much dont mind.

Thanks for taking the time and effort to read my introduction,Have a great day.


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