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Locked Admin Applications


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1. Your name and age LƐWD 22 years old

2. Steam_ID: STEAM_0: 1:62538322

3. How long have you been playing CSS? May not remember one year

4. Why do you think we should take you to the team? What knowledge do you have and what is important to you on the server or in the community? I am Asian, and depending on the time zone of my activity, I can help you manage while you sleep.
A clean server is more important to me than anything else.

5. What experience do you have as an ADMIN? What are the other things that can make us an administrator? In fact, I have never been an administrator because no one needs me or server management. As I said earlier, my life is different from other administrators.

6. Some details about yourself, what are you doing now, and how often do you think you will play games on the server? I have no stable job in real life. You can also say that it is a wanderer. If there are no unexpected situations, I should have no problem with 12hr on the server.

7. There is a small question to answer here. Imagine if you are a new administrator on the server and a player is skeptical about his use of Aimbot, then do you need to deal with him? Of course, everyone is suspicious of the work of others because they are curious and don't understand the work items. In addition to making them angry, maybe you can explain them first, unless they are trollers.

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Your application is op! But we can't randomly just promoted someone we don't know outta nowhere. Tbh, Idk you too so,my suggestion is try to be more activate on the server get recognized by ppl and then come back a month later. We'll see what's changed.

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