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Locked Starlight-Dash Admin Application

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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin

1. Your Name and Age. (Remember that you can only apply if you're 18+ )
Name: Starlight-Dash, Age: 22 years old

2. Your Discord UserName: (aF! mohamed. #1906 for example)

3. STEAM_0 and which server you applying for ( ZE-CSS/CSGO or ZR-CSS ) :
STEAM_0:0:439467764, ZE-CSS

4. How long are you playing CSS ?
I playing CSS only ZE in 2019 and over 800 hours (CS 1.6 only ZE 1 server in 2016)

5. You will need minimun of 72h of connection time (3 days)
Done (320h)

6. Needs a minimun of 1+ players and 3+ admins to get approved + Lead admins will have the final word.
I agree

7. Why do you think we should take you into the team? What knowledge do you have, what is important for you ON a server or in the community?
- I have to get to know everyone who plays both positive and negative in the game. And if someone uses the mic, chats influence, harasses other people to make other people use !sm or is too offensive, I will give a warning first. If that person continues to mute or gag.

- About knowledge, I'm usually the leader that I know and have experience with the defense skill map, not very common (common if the map difficulty is higher or last stage) or my favorite map.

- About me, I'm very happy, funny, respect and help everyone, besides there are some new players, first time players or acquaintances who chat in a toxic way, insulting others from time to time I encounter that situation. My personality is fastidious and restrains negative emotions. I not good about skill Bhop, Hypersroll (and Laser with Lantency > 250).

8. Which experiences do you have about being an ADMIN and other things that can beneift us having you as an admin?

- I have experience in mute, gag for reason: spam, too much annoy, disrespect, kid; eban (item) for players with Earth (Wall block), Ultima for reason trolling on purpose, item misuse, throwing item away, knife ban with reason reason troll if team kill (too much human death) or depending on the situation with 40-60+ players.

- I'm a donated admin but at first I was inexperienced (didn't fully read the Admin Guidelines) so please forgive me. Originally, I played another game of passion with a position near the position of deputy administrator but now that game has been deleted. But now through this game it will be very difficult to be an administrator for me. I'll stick to the fair rules and listen to other admins and admins higher than me.

9. Some details about yourself, what are you doing right now, how often do you think you'll play on the server?
- I'm in Vietnam (Time zone is UTC+7), my favorite is music, game. Now, I'm in college and I want to be a teacher. The reason I play the game ZE mode is because I play CS 1.0 with bots, Half Life and Crossfire with map zombie mode and I was 15 years old started playing ZE in server Russian counter strike 1.6 until I was 19 years old playing server UNLOZE test vip skins and i also like the skin I am playing now starting 2020 on server NiDE.

- I playing this NiDE server and Create Server CSS map ZE now.

- I'll play on the server in every day but in free time.

here is a small question need to answer it , imagine if you are a new admin on the server and there is a player he is being specious to using Aimbot, And you need to deal with him  how will you deal with that? Write your answer  in full details more detailed answer mean better answer , new admin applications should consider this question . 

If I'm new admin, keep playing first if Aimbot player keeps “Top Defend” and someone else says Aimbot then when I become Zombie I switch to Spec and check that person. If that person is close to correct or not then I chat all Admins and make a decision. If there is no Admin, it's only me, I kick that person with the reason "aimbot". If there is another Admin, I will ban that person for 3 days or 1 week with reason “aimbot”. (If my decision is not correct, I apologize, understand what I did)

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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin
32 minutes ago, Chartapilus said:

he knows ze best korea gate password, +1 


I don't know, i see someone spam password ze best korea. And i do copy password him and paste chat.

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your english is so god awful itd be literally impossible to interact with you as an admin

even barring that you are slower than a retarded worm and take 5 minutes to act on things

you would contribute literally nothing extra as a regular admin versus a donated admin 



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  • Event Manager

Hey starlight, good to see that you made an admin app, i think you will do just fine as an admin.
You help all players in-game with almost all maps and i really think you are willing to learn more about administrating more than just use a couple of commands and start taking charge of more things. Trial admin is escatly for that

+1  for me. Good Luck!!!

The language barrier wont be that much of a problem so dont worry about it, just needs some practice 😄 

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