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A player that only spam


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Name: dj_pirozjok




This player only use his mic for spamming, and its a very bad quality spamming nonstop even if you tell him to stop. he only stop once you calladmin or he gets muted.

the bad thing about him is he mic spams when there is no admin on at the morning times and he do it nonstop which is annoying.

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1 minute ago, notglory said:

He stops right after i calladmin, he is smart. Last demo was on onahole minutes ago at the start of the map. others are old and i didnt get a demo of it


ill take a look into it once the demo is released of the map and act accordingly

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I muted this player on the map ze_genso_of_last_v2_2fix for 2 days for the reason that he was spamming over the leader. I think what happened is that you heard his spam in the warm-up round on onahole because the server plugins weren't loaded yet which allows him to spam for a bit before his mute gets effective. Or his steamid was on pending status.

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