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Закрыто CS:S ZE Event #276 - Nominations

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  • Event Manager

CSS Zombie Escape Event #276
Nomination thread

Welcome to the official NiDE event nominations!

For event #276, you will have the chance to suggest the kind of event that you want for Sunday.

But please keep in mind that:

  • The event needs to be somehow creative and challenging, globally. If you are going to suggest maps that we play often in the server, please add special kickers to them (ex: low gravity, no items, speed, etc.)
  • You can suggest one map or a bunch of maps. In this last case, try to not exceed a 5 hours duration of the maps we are going to play.
  • When choosing the maps - try to choose maps that have not been played for a long time. Avoid choosing maps that have been played less than 6 months ago.
  • The event nominations will make it to the next phase (the poll) based on the number of Likes they have received.
  • Based on what is stated above, only the Top 5 of the suggestions with more Likes will be selected for the poll. If there isn't a Top 5, the event managers will choose the more appropriate nominations for the poll.
  • Also, event managers can modify/remove a nomination if they consider that it doesn't fit the concept of an event.

You can nominate a map(s) until Wednesday, 06/09/2023, 10PM GMT+1.

Maps that are not available for nomination, because they were played on recent events:

  • ze_santassination_css2
  • ze_frozentemple_b8_2
  • ze_moltentemple_a5
  • ze_undertale_g_v1_2s2
  • ze_binary_z4_s1
  • ze_radiance_v1_1
  • ze_otakuroom_v5_6fs
  • ze_misaka_css3
  • ze_legend_of_astrum_v1
  • ze_FFVII_temple_ancient_v5_6
  • ze_ffxii_salikawood_v1_8s

Maps that are now available for nomination:

  • ze_roof_adventure_v5s
  • ze_m0w0m_b2
  • ze_genso_of_last_v2_2fix
  • ze_valkvang_s1
  • ze_taboo_carnation_v2
  • ze_dev_r4a
  • ze_ccc_floator_mislands_v2s
  • ze_ffxiv_wanderers_palace_v6css
  • ze_ffxiv_pharos_sirius_css

Here is a list of the maps we currently have in the server to inspire your nomination. You can suggest maps that we don't have though, as long as they are playable.

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  • Server Admin

When was the last time we played these?




Kickers: None

  • Like 5
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  • CS:S ZE Server Manager

News and unknown.


ze_lumiverse (I don’t know the latest version)


ze_street_fight_with_autism (the latest version)


no kickers.

  • Like 8
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  • Developer

Play all Legrem maps. 

Barrage, voodoo, breakable, flying world, jurassic park story, parking, racoon facility. 

Kicker : maps without stage has to be beaten with normal zombies mod, and in nemesis. 

  • Like 4
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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin

Maps for Adventurers™


  • ze_dark_souls_ptd_v0_4
  • ze_emerald_b4
  • ze_Serpentis_Temple_v2a

No kickers

  • Like 3
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