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Locked Rocklee's Abuse


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1: Andrusha

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3: Rocklee (Monkey D Luffy)

4: Zombie Escape

5: ze_shroomforest_v4_5

6: 25.02.2020 20:52 MSK time

7: So, on lvl 4 i picked up heal and wrote in the chat that team should stay with me on the boss. But many players stayed in the middle as usual. I used heal and tried to save them. We won this lvl but it started again because of bug. After that, Rocklee wrote in the chat that I used heal for myself and gave me eban. A few minutes later, he transfered ammo from ArKO to XXDemon for no reason. I said that he is stupid and I will report him and he gagged me for 40 minutes.

Stop give admins to people like Rocklee.

8: https://demos.nide.gg/css_ze/auto-20200225-182811-ze_shroomforest_v4_5.dem

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I've watched the demo and i concluded that the best decision wasn't to eban, since you actually used heal in the sides but then you went to the middle to heal your team, but you just came back too fast to the side again, so not all the players got it.

RockLee probably saw everything happening too fast and even though the right thing was to carry on, the eban is understandable. He just didn't realise where you were in the map and probably thought you were far away from the team and just using heal for yourself or just being a noob item user.

About the gag, i don't agree at all with it. I think it wasn't necessary at all, since you only criticized RockLee's actions, without being really agressive. As a guy with good intentions with the heal in that round, i would probably be mad too if i knew i was doing the right thing by using heal to save my teammates and still got ebanned. 

So yea, one mistake leaded to another, although the first complaint was a bit hard to notice ingame if it was fair or not. The first mistake happens frequently, since we, admins, don't have eyes everywhere, but i'll talk to RockLee to be less sensitive to critics and to be humble and open the possibility that he could have done a mistake.

Thanks for the report.

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I will leave my comment since I was on the boss yesterday aswell. Players are used to go in the middle since they don't really know the tactic and the heal is supposted to be with them . You writed that they should stay with you but believe me half of the team isn't watching the chat and they are just sticking to the middle tactic. You should stick with your team as well because I was rotating around middle too and almost died , but went to heal in last second. About the gag I won't say that RockLee is right , but it happens to everyone to let go of his nerves and do some mistakes . That's all from me , I'm not the one who decides but both of you be careful next time :classic_smile:

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