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Locked Admou pls - François


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Hello guys

"No need to introduce myself, everyone knows me, just kidding:


1 - I go by François, 25 years old.

2 - My Discord: Franques'S#7085.

3 - STEAM_1:0:77880244 for ZE, of course.

4 - Almost 11 years.

5 - I don't think I have three days of gameplay unfortunately, but I can sing 'bi hi bi hi ba ha bi' from Bahamut.

6 - I don't think anyone will accept me, but it's cool, I eat baguettes sometimes .. 

7 - Nope, none. I just arrived, and I'm autistic, so I forget what people tell me.

Life is like a second dad to me (I'm still waiting for him to come back with his cigarettes...). (Life is the same age as him, that jerk).

8 - I'm going to help Rush, Cmer, and Boss with development because they're really bad...

9 - I have a micropenis, but it's okay; I have crazy fingers and a tongue (well). If I become an admin, I can be present every day; otherwise, never.

10 -"

As a new administrator on a game server, it is crucial to maintain a fair and enjoyable gaming environment for all players. The use of Aimbot or any other cheating software is a serious violation of server rules and can greatly affect the gaming experience of other users. Here's how I would handle the situation:

**Collecting Evidence:**
First, I would gather solid evidence to confirm suspicions of Aimbot usage by the player in question. This may include screenshots, video recordings, testimonials from other players, or even direct observation of their in-game behavior.

**Communication with the Player:**
I would reach out to the player respectfully and privately to discuss concerns about their gameplay. I would explain the reasons for my concern and ask for an explanation. It is essential to maintain a calm and respectful attitude throughout the conversation.

**Assessing the Player's Response:**
Based on the player's response, I would judge whether they acknowledge their inappropriate behavior, offer apologies, or deny using Aimbot. The player's cooperation can influence the next decision.

**Applying Appropriate Sanctions:**
If the evidence is conclusive, and the player admits to using Aimbot, I would apply sanctions in accordance with the server rules. This may include a temporary suspension, point or ranking reduction, or, in severe cases, permanent expulsion. The severity of the sanction would depend on factors such as recurrence, duration of cheating, and the harm caused to other players' experiences.

I would communicate the sanctions taken to the player in question and other community members while preserving the confidentiality of personal information. Transparency is crucial to demonstrate that rules are applied fairly and that the server takes action against cheating.

Finally, I would work with the administration team and moderators to implement additional prevention measures, such as more robust cheat detection systems, to prevent such incidents from happening again in the future.

As an administrator, it is essential to strike a balance between enforcing rules and respecting players' rights. A transparent, fair, and communicative approach is key to maintaining a healthy and enjoyable gaming environment for all users."


(I did not use ChatGPT; this is not true.)


Sorry for no color but Rushaway doesn't know how to give permissions, dat "developer" 


Kiss all ! ❤️ 


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  • Technical Administrator

+1 for me, active in the community.

He is a Français and normally Français should be automatically accepted.

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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin

Hello Franques,
I hope you realise that if you're actually committed to this role, you would've put more effort into this application than you have right now.

You should check your stats on stats.nide.gg before making an application, you claimed not to meet the time requirement despite the fact you do.
There's no effort put into Questions 7-9 which don't even answer any of the questions they asked you.
Your response to Question 10 is too generalised and doesn't even mention how long you'd ban them for, let alone this doesn't look like something you'd easily write without putting effort in.

Simply put, this hasn't proved to us you're committed to the role. If you actually want to do this, remake your application.


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