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Locked eban, ban appeal


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1: My ingame name: ed
2: My SteamID: STEAM_0:1:755754705
3: Name of the admin involved:djinnz
4: What server did it happen on:ze
5: Map:ze_santassination_css2
6: Time and date25-01-2024 21:10
7: Explanation of the situation: didnt use rocket when told to. i dont think 1 day is fair since its my first ban same with 3 days of eban 
8: Proof: check demo

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cheater and troll from gfl don't trust this guy. Knows what he is doing when it comes to santa just looking for a way out of punishment.

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6 minutes ago, asd said:

im not expecting to get unban, i just think 1 day its unfair for being my first ban thats it

Well, ive seen worse for less, also its santa, what you expect? Also there was heat on you before this

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  • Server Admin

Knowing you for a long time and your history with trolling and cheating, i'm not surprised with your behaviour here either. I joined in the end of stage 7, and the first thing i'm met by the players, are them typing your name out due to trolling and griefing throughout the map. I decided to give you the benefit of the doubt, but you still continiued with toxic behaviour ruining the game experiece for the others in the server in stage 8. Santassination is a map, where there's a lot of effort put in by the leader and the team, especially during extreme attempts due to the difficulty and long stages. You ruined the experience, and was the reason of several rounds being lost for 64 other players. These factors are the reason behind your punishment. 

Edited by Kayn
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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin

Reviewing the demo, and I'm seeing no issues from Kayn's side here. Shortly before he ebanned you, I saw you standing with the rocket launcher on the lift not shooting or even using the item at all. As previously mentioned, this was during the Extreme stages so you'd be expected to co-operate with leaders and know how to use items before you pick them up. In this demo, you did so and yet neglected to use the item.

The regular ban was done to prevent you from causing any further attempts to disrupt gameplay. The eban, despite being your first one, is justified in this case as you were trolling on a very tryhard map with the intention to ruin rounds by not using items.

Consider this me being kind, your ban has been removed but your eban will remain unchanged.



Edited by lewis12309
Ban removed following internal discussion
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