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Locked Traffic_TTV admin reapply

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  • Ingame Nickname: Traffic_TTV
  • Discord username: Traffic_TTV#7073
  • Age: 29
  • SteamID: STEAM_0:1:85099518
  • What server are you applying for (ZR or ZE server?): ZE

Optional: (Feel free to answer one or more questions)

Why are you interested in applying for admin? 

I am a retired admin. The reason There is a role I can play as an admin, and I want to take on that role again and work hard with the same passion as I did before.

The reason I couldn't connect was: due to personal circumstances in real life, I was inevitably unable to connect, but now I can connect stably. If I become an administrator again, I will carefully read the instructions on the server again and try to follow them. i would also like to apologize to those who have believed in me and those who have waited for me for a long time, and I will work harder in the future.

What time zone are you active in (NA or EU hours)? KST 2am ~ 10am (Depends on condition)

How long have you been playing on the server which you applied for? From what I remember, it was about 4-5 years ago.

How experienced are you in the gamemode for which you applied? 

I have been playing ze mode since about 2014, and I think I have become somewhat adept at difficult maps.

Do you have any past admin experience?

Although the Korean server is now completely gone, I have some experience working on a named server, and have held a role similar to that of a general manager. I also worked as an administrator on the nide server. xD

Do you have any other skills like (Mapping, Plugins, Drawing, Video editing etc)

I know some video editing skills. Because I'm a broadcaster x)

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1. Only seen good behavior from you.

2. Your knowledge to the gamemode in general is on "above average"


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