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1 / my name is gravity

2 / i want to be admin on zombie escape

3 / i don't have a lot of experience in that but with the few times when i was admin i'm able to manage it. 

4 / i want to help the server the most of i can because i want a good community, and i'll help player and trying to do the best for them.

5 / Im' a good player, i'm active most of my time but i prefer do school before playing but i'm play more than i work ^^. i can be a good admin i'm sure who will manage the server to help it.;


Изменено пользователем Gravity
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Dear Gravity me and Batat decided we would like to see how you are as an admin on the server.

You are accepted for being an Trial Admin.

Show us that you can be a good recruit!

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