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Hello NiDE Community!

IXR Icey Cake

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Hii, Im Icey Cake (Some of you may have seen me on ZM/ZE server) and im new to this community! ? 

 This community is my new favourite community on CS:S because of the servers like ZM and ZE. The game and the mode was my  childhood. I started playing CS:S in 2013 until 2017 NOSTEAM.. I stopped because the favourite game were replaced with Team Fortress 2 ( started playing in 2014 - present), since, TF2 is free and also have zombie mode servers. But.. It doesn't feel the same. I miss playing CS:S NOSTEAM, but again, im afraid of malwares so i rather not redownload it. Until then, in 2019 December. I saw CS:S was cheap as hell due to christmas sale therefore i bought it! Downloading it made me feel excited, but when i play on some zombie mode servers, still doesn't feel the same. Strange. I went back to play TF2 ? Then in 2020, late March or early April (I dont remember), i started to play on your Zombie Revival server, it has sparked my interest. Then Zombie Escape server, which has become my favourite server. That  every morning  i wake up, to open up CS:S just to play ZE, sometimes ZM. ❤️

also an ex staff on one of the TF2 servers, which was ZE community too ?



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