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Is there a NIDE livestream?

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Hello all,

I am a beginner player on NiDE, I started playing last month and it was a lot of fun. My favorite maps are rocket_escape, helms_deep and journey. I want to join games/events but sometimes I cannot because of work related stuff (I work for an Australian software company as a web developer). I would just like to ask if there is a Nide livestream where I can watch games/events? I saw one of the spectators is NideTV. Thanks ?

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  • CS:S ZR Server Manager

Oh yeah, there is a link that you can download demos ----> https://demos.nide.gg/

Click on the server you need, then download a demo, then put it in a folder called Demos (You have to make the folder yourself , you have to make the folder in css folders/cstrike) then launch your game, and Finally type demoui2 in console and load the demo you wanna watch, and Enjoy.

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  • Server Admin

Well the person has some nice idea..I think the Management should think about LIVESTREAM..NIDE is a large community..Surely even I searched for the server videos on Youtube.

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