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Locked Guardian_Player abuse


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1 - Niiarks 

2 - 0:0:148150782 

3 - Guardian_Player 

4 - Zombie revival 

5 - zm_lila_panic_detox_v03

6 - 16/06 / Time check the demo 

7 - destroys the barricades and throws grenades at the props and gag/mute for no reason (everyday), spends his time criticizing and threatening on the game and on the forum also with emails

8 - proof ---> for abuse admin check demo and logs

forum : (this is a small part of all the hate/rage messages coming from him)

1-From now on you stop f*cking with me
2- From now on we are the same
3- Let me be and I'll let you be
4- If you continue to f*ck with me I will be your worst nightmare and you will then meet me face to face and apologize.
5- When you read this I now give you a warning do not write anything bad or bad back.
'6- I've had such types of things to do with before, they always start with being cocky behind the screen but then when you meet face to face they are not cocky reaching anymore.

I let you be and you let me agree?

in game :

020-06-14 06:35:41  it.gifGuardian_Player BELIVE MEE NIIARKS I WILL BE YOUR worst f*cking nigtmare Zombie Revival :: NiDE.GG :: Unlimited Ammo|FastDL|Shop zm_devils_survive_v1_d
2020-06-14 06:34:41  it.gifGuardian_Player The day i met you Niiarks then i will break and destroy you. AND THEN RUN UP YOUR COMPUTER IN YOUR ASS SOOO HARD Zombie Revival :: NiDE.GG :: Unlimited Ammo|FastDL|Shop zm_devils_survive_v1_d


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Why the f*ck this guy is even in the admin team ? ?

p.s. Watched the demo , it's not right to f*ck up your barricades,there are plenty of spots in this map. Also his behaviour is childish and he thinks that he is the big deal with his "internet" buddys standing behind his back and asslicking him. It's unaccaptable for an admin to behave like this . Hopefully lead admins will consider this guy and deal with him. In my opinion Guardian,if u have problem with Niiarks,fix it, otherwise he will not be your only problem.


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  • CS:S ZR Server Manager

Alright, Thanks for the report

I checked the demo, 

And he was exactly doing everything like what you said in the report, he muted and gagged you for nothing, it is true that you insulted him for some time, but this does not mean that you will get gag / mute at the same time, The admin has already frozen for 3 days because he banned deepn for nothing, I contacted ire about this, but ire didn't answer, i have no rights to remove his admin but ire can do that. I want to say that this admin is sick and we have to punish him. He gives ban / mute / gag for nothing and this is a wrong deed, and he should be punished, and I still hope you enjoy the servers.
 Also, It is not allowed to break Server rules or admin rules as a Donated admin.
He should be punished for several abuses, and nonsense mutes/gags.
Also, Nice nonsense mute, he muted you for 1 day because you disrespected him, i see against what this picture shows, he insulted you before you did that.


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  • CS:S ZR Server Manager

Thanks for the report, admin deleted because of severe abuse. Also given 1 week mute/gag.

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