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Worst Map


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Greetings my dear Brothers !

I wanna know what are the maps that you are fed up with or if there's any particular map that you think is ruining the server's population..
                              Ofcourse I  have no power but  in the matter  we all can understand each other's  needs better..I'm sure it would definitely help.
Stay at Home Stay Safe..?

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Actually one thing that really got me unnerve today is that majority of the players voted for Ashen and then left, bringing down the number of players to 20..We wasted such a good map today.

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@AbNer Personally... I hate all FFVII maps... for 3 reasons...

1. My ping which is at 200-300, makes it harder to do stuff normally.. at the same time cannot complete the map due to lasers which I have problems dodging.. since I have to advance my jump
2. My low end pc... FFVII maps usually make the server full.. and FFVII maps have alot in it.. therefore, each time we play FFVII maps.. I play at 20-50 FPS so I can't do sh*t and see sh*t properly..
3. Toxic players... all sort of toxic players.. but what I hate most are the doorhuggers.. and the nub item pickers.. we go to the end of the map.. but lose.. so we have to restart the round all over again... until it reaches 0-20.. so I'm like.. wasting my time.. on a map I know  I can't complete in the end... 

(Don't want anything to change... just sharing what I personally think on the matter ?

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