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Locked Frodo admin abuse


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1: ni**er

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3: frodo

4: ze

5: mountain bbo

6: 2:40 gmt

7: Frodo called a vote "slay until minas" as in slaying until we get Minas mode, this vote failed, regardless he still slayed us on the next round when we got Skyrim mode, despite majority of players not wishing for this



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Well, random pick up stages not ideal working, little bit later i will change it to "FFVII - Minas - TESV".

About slaying, if stage keep not change (Like FFVII 3 times), admin can do slay for change it on ANY  stage and don't touch players, but here after FFVII 3 times stage changed to TESV and this slay for Minas was abuse.


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