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  1. laith

    Truly no admin gives a sh*t ? @Killik @Life is a Bitch
  2. laith

    1: laith2: STEAM_0:1:5342572503: illegal4: STEAM_0:1:5065504375: ze6: ze_rush_b7: just now8: he used a map bug to hold time untill we rtv proof: 9:
  3. sa7it si daaddy haw +1 9oul laith mayhebnich ha 9a7ba
  4. laith

    didn't read what u wrote .. but why the f*ck u tell ppl i donated u 5$
  5. laith

    @Hasiwa ehmm i don't buy anything but i cracked a paypal account with 4 dollars so obviously i'll buy nide admin
  6. laith

    1. Your Name and Age : laith / 17 yo 2. Your Discord UserName: laith#4876 3. Steam_ID: used to play with "STEAM_0:0:207011460" .... but now with "STEAM_0:0:1298234513" 4. How long are you playing CSS ; 5 years 5.: emm so yeh idk how to explain this but .. whene i used to play as paid admin i used to play in a time that whene most of admins are offline thats whene most players have night sleeping so server has no active admins while i be the only admin active there (Tunisia is 5 hours ahead of most players's countries time) .. cuz server need admins always active so this
  7. laith

    @AbNer no no xD .. the only thing to get the revenge is to buy the whole server .. zvzn that won't get satisfied
  8. yeh soo H.B.D to me  🎉🥳🎂

    1. Alpha Green

      Alpha Green

      Happy birthday🎉

    2. AbNer


      Happy Birthday 🎆🎂

  9. laith

    emm we can report batata now .
  10. laith

    am laith .. and honestly i found u the most kindest admin in the whole server .. really lov u dude .. hope u find a job
  11. laith

    laughing on his 9-17 fps thene remmember my 4 fps
  12. laith

    dude i don't know u .. but u seem very lovely and kind +1 lying -1
  13. laith

    +1 wich u the best u can wait another month to be accepted
  14. -1 from me no hard feelings but u insult me very much whene i was admin
  15. laith

    Man wich u the best of Luck +1
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