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  1. -1 just because you trolled me with chakra jk ++++1
  2. please try to follow the template given by this link and since you didn't provide us with your steamid i'll consider that this is your ingame profile as i can see you don't have the required minimum connection time on the server (which is 24h) so its a -1 from me gl also why did you buy admin if you'r applying for "admin"
  3. i just came here to give a nice warm -1 +1
  4. waaah he insulted our beautiful server community, @Killik would be mad if he sees this ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. the guy has a point, we should demote killik
  6. it will be abused specially in a server like nide but cool idea tho
  7. I always had feelings for you, @laith i love you
  8. u also never use mic ;3
  9. why don't we ban this dude from the forum and the server, by that we can actually reduce 80% of the problems we have everyday. who agrees to this beautiful idea btw can any admin close thise sh*t.
  10. @Deepn i just fell in love with u
  11. wait what lol, i play since 1 year and LETERALLY play everyday for the past 5 months and got denied, so please don't talk about activity
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