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  1. i just came here to give a nice warm -1 +1
  2. waaah he insulted our beautiful server community, @Killik would be mad if he sees this ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. the guy has a point, we should demote killik
  4. it will be abused specially in a server like nide but cool idea tho
  5. admins in general kinda sh*t whene it comes to taking sirious actions
  6. I always had feelings for you, @laith i love you
  7. u also never use mic ;3
  8. why don't we ban this dude from the forum and the server, by that we can actually reduce 80% of the problems we have everyday. who agrees to this beautiful idea btw can any admin close thise sh*t.
  9. @Deepn i just fell in love with u
  10. wait what lol, i play since 1 year and LETERALLY play everyday for the past 5 months and got denied, so please don't talk about activity
  11. agree with him ... i've been playing on ze server for a long and a long time and i already made 3 applications which all got denied .. didn't even get the chance to be promoted to SA while life is accepting unexperienced and stupids and this retard rubyrose got admin without even making an application ???? meanwhile i spent more than 2 hours doing mine ??? f*ck is that ? clearly u only get promoted by licking other lsa balls on discord
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