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Locked zinediN


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1: Your own ingame name Slapper
2: Your own steam-ID : STEAM_0:0:486204260
3: Name of the player(s) involved zinediN+Professor Ninja
4: Steam-ID of the player(s) involved STEAM_0:0:901349667+STEAM_0:0:25919928
5: What server did it happen on : ze
6: What map : ze_rooftop_reborn_v3_2
7: Time and date : 19 December 2020 12:12 GMT+7
8: Explain the situation : offering ZMS boosting from the train to the rooftop
9: Proof : ze_rooftop_reborn_v3_219.12.2020 @ 05:53





Edit: i didnt record ninja respond to this boost, because i muted him for some reason.

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Your report was justified. I watched the demo and saw everything.Both players are banned for 8 hours each and I would like to thank you for the report.Have fun and feel free to message me whenever something happend,I will be happy to help!:classic_happy:

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