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WHY is ze_gargantua and ALL OF HIS MAPS REMOVED!?

korv med brod

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The only reason I still play CS:S Zombies is due to a set of maps that are my favourites, which is gargantua's legendary maps and ze_mountainescape


Why is this? I don't understand, even the atix maps like atix helicopter has been removed which was a very popular old map that people enjoyed 

I really like Nide.GG more than UNLOZE, I really do, but I honestly see no reason to keep playing here when all these old classic maps that have been my favourites since I started playing CS:S has been removed

Very dissapointed with this decision and I hope it can be reverted

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Dear Korv,

Those maps wasn't removed and they are all in the admin nomlist. This is because it is special day only for Saturday. What is this special day? Basically all the overplayed maps will be moved into admin nomlist and you can only play the maps that are barely played in this server. No panic, your favourite maps will be back tomorrow! Until.. next Friday night. 

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Maybe we have to add warning message on this day so people get notified that some maps are gone but will be back tomorrow.


But as Cookie said no stress my friend join us tomorrow for your favorite maps ?

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