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  1. FierceG

    How do we know it wasn't Malala? Evidence is lacking from your side. Maybe if Malala would play on his normal account we would know who is who
  2. FierceG

    Maybe we have to add warning message on this day so people get notified that some maps are gone but will be back tomorrow. But as Cookie said no stress my friend join us tomorrow for your favorite maps
  3. FierceG

    REMATCH I am ready
  4. FierceG

    Why you talk if you weren't there? Situation is even provided in multiple contexts if you are too lazy to watch the demo. A wise man holds his mouth if he has no clue where he is talking about. Saving an item for later so entire team doesn't die by zombies on that later spot =/= saving item so entire team dies -> use item -> solo. How long you play this game really you should know by now?
  5. FierceG

    During the Mako v6 session of today on NiDe my admin had been frozen and Wicked's has been removed, so we didn't had any power to affect the server in administrative manners. I am sorry to hear you assumed we have a personal grudge against you. Our admin chats are confidential but from the bottom of my heart have we never spoken about you in a negative manner in admin discord. Sorry to hear your experience on the server was ruined. I know well enough how it feels to be ebanned by admins while having good intentions. I assume it was just a miseban.
  6. FierceG

    I am going to play the devil's advocate here. This week we played Mako v6 on Unloze where you ebanned Wicked for no reason. Now you got unintended karma on NiDe. The difference between you and Shiz0+Life is a bitch however is that you actually do know Mako v6 very well which makes a false eban more unacceptable.
  7. FierceG

    This is always too low. Every mic I ever used I had to put on max to be even heard.
  8. Hey guys, Ever since I have a new microphone I had issues with mic sounding too low sometimes. Now I found an easy way to fix this and this goes for any device! I got this from reddit but this works for any case. You download first the equalizerAPO, here you add your microphone as capture device. Afterwards download the program Peace. Here you add your device again to the bottomright. Afterwards you can easily adjust the sound of your mic with the top slider, just drag the cursor to higher decibels and you will create more sound. So if
  9. If this report is about not shooting boss during lasers you can ban half the server
  10. God

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      http://sto-greenter.ru/user/queenback84/ how to use a disposable vape pen for the first time

  11. FierceG

    https://ibb.co/dMnQDky Welcome back comrade!
  12. FierceG

    @gabriel learn English Pivo
  13. FierceG

    Please don't act like a saint Limonada. No warnings were given and u just banned the other guy later as well to avoid making a hypocrit decision due to bias. Anyway I already solved internally with Batata. To make it easier for everyone I added the screenshots of the admin room on the map. If an admin is bugged by such an event he can go to the admin room and press "normal" mode, "easy" mode is the race mode. After setting mode press right button: "Admin Button", or slay. Hope everyone is helped by this. https://prnt.sc/qopryy https://prnt.sc/qopt2p
  14. FierceG

    I see now that he banned 3 minutes later the guy who was in the chopper with me. This was after I typed multiple people on server+ I typed in discord I was going to report him.
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