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  1. FierceG Welcome back comrade!
  2. FierceG

    @gabriel learn English Pivo
  3. FierceG

    Please don't act like a saint Limonada. No warnings were given and u just banned the other guy later as well to avoid making a hypocrit decision due to bias. Anyway I already solved internally with Batata. To make it easier for everyone I added the screenshots of the admin room on the map. If an admin is bugged by such an event he can go to the admin room and press "normal" mode, "easy" mode is the race mode. After setting mode press right button: "Admin Button", or slay. Hope everyone is helped by this.
  4. FierceG

    I see now that he banned 3 minutes later the guy who was in the chopper with me. This was after I typed multiple people on server+ I typed in discord I was going to report him.
  5. FierceG

    1. FierceG 2. STEAM_0:0:9577898 3. Limonada 4. NiDe Zombie Escape 5. ze_mirrors_edge_reborn_v4_3 6. 01-16-20 19:09 7. So I latejoin mirrors edge. I see 4 people in helicopter. Everyone wants another race and now those 4 people all jump down. Now we get to replay the race mode. I win race mode with some other guy. We two decide now to go for another race and jump down. I get banned 1 hour by Limonada. Explain to me why only me gets banned from 6 people when Limonada was on the server the entire time. Also explain why this is trolling. We didn't kill anyone we just want to play our favourite stage manually. There is an admin room in the map to set and warnings to give. 8. This is the download of the demo file, but you can look up the demo on at this time 16.01.2020 @ 19:04 Hear from you soon!
  6. FierceG

    We know you have your own agenda Klixus but looks like a Judas move to rob someone's admin for listening to the people. An admin's main task I assume? Rocklee himself doesn't like Mako but cares more about the server's current flow. You just talk about rules when it suits you, but lets talk about it anyway. There are a billion ching chong modes added noone cares about on the server yet you make it impossible to revote the original last mode? (Ex2 should be revotable). But since this is the current decision for Mako we can assume Mako isn't finished at all which makes sense cuz the server sticks to a stable 64/64 after ex2 is beaten so we go beat other modes. Imagine adding modes to a map to beat and then calling it abuse (almost like he ruined your entire day) just to beat some other modes on a map that weren't even beaten yet. Is extending for stage 6 port royal (which is added by community) also abuse? People were having a good time on the map. Wish you could enjoy it as much as the rest of us.