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  1. Mikitou

    + Fix your microphone (ali express mic)
  2. I wanted to point out that you were making an effort by asking questions in Admin Channel before using your powers neutral
  3. Mikitou

    Active + always look smiling +1
  4. Mikitou

    Did you participate in @Bolol's big lottery ? It may be a chance to be VIP.
  5. Mikitou

    Very good guy and fair, I hope you reach your goal. +1
  6. Mikitou

    Hi @Bro Man Salam, If you don't understand, read this quote : Did you know what's feel to be free banned? it's disgusting. I dont write this "thread" for me, BTW in this story it's none of my business because i'm not involved. I like the server, I have a lot of fun. I hope so many players take care about trolling. Trust me, when there are no admins connected (like at night), the server die. Not because people leaving, because its unplayable (for the same reasons). I was here last year, and it wasn't like that. The atmosphere was a little bit different and better. Hmm, maybe this topic should be written in the General discussion. @Raiden You look a nice guy
  7. Mikitou

    1: mikitou 2: STEAM_1:0:95390937 3: Raiden 4: STEAM_1:0:203409050 5: Zombie Escape 6: ze_surf_facility_v3_pre2 7: 02 AM 05/02/2020 8: The situation This player (baracuda, STEAM_0:1:193273977) has been banned for knifing a zombie onto humans but its false. He wanted knife out a zombie who get boosted, but it was a fail, and zombie killed other humans. However the true human who boosted this zombie was Raiden, he was hidding with a shotgun (m3) and push zombies. But no players or admins seen it. So baracuda's name appeared in the chat for knifing. I talked with baracuda, he said to me that he saw flying zombies latest rounds. I can add I saw Raiden take all green teleport to deny players to get the safe top (we cant blamming for that but that proof his way of playing). 9: Proof - I recorded a video : https://www.transfernow.net/ddl/injustice You dont need to download the file, just click to the eye for check the video In this video you can see baracuda defending, and Raiden (with the green skin) shoot zombies behind them. - Or demo --> you can go at the Tick : 72000 https://demos.nide.gg/css_ze/auto-20200502-015028-ze_surf_facility_v3_pre2.dem - His ban A few comments : - This topic is not for blamming admins for this ban, but for having a justice. baracuda is a nice player, who always want a team winning. I dont know what is the Raiden's philosophy, but he's the kind of person who like to make games toxic. - I know one hour it's fast, and it's a little sanction, but it's still an injustice. I would like to wink at other people who do this kinds of things. This topic is here to remind people that it's important to stop disorder and having fun. - Please dont reply with "it was surf facilities, it's a sh*t map". If players voted for this map it was for having fun and win. Dont blame nosteamer immigrants playing in internet cafe (@Monkey D Luffy) to make the server full.
  8. Mikitou

    I was just behind my teammate, when I saw him rush you, I thought that even if you killed him I could do it in his place, except that to my surprise you didn't knife him and so you focus me when i were trying to climb up. It was a teamwork and its not allowed, even if it was a fun map. You should have gone further to remove the doubt of any teamwork, and let do 1v1 (Your friend vs Checkster / Me vs You) if your friend insist to kill him.