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  1. Limo

    +1 Creppy everyone deserves a second chance z3
  2. :classic_angry::classic_angry::classic_angry: :classic_angry: :classic_angry: :classic_angry::classic_angry::classic_angry:

    1. Samwise G.

      Samwise G.

      u ever stay in angry 

  3. Limo

    It is his idea that we play 5 hours of laser maps and then leave the server at 30 people. "possibly 40" This does not ensure that the server after 5 hours "laser" will have the same number of players again Remember that with "Pivo" we only played laser maps, and at night the players that you say did not win anything in their life, reproduce maps that are a little easier "Shoomforest, Pirates, etc." **and also mako was played up to 2 times a day like all ff maps
  4. Limo

    note that this does not usually work sometimes the server is slow to fill up
  5. Limo

    Hi, I hope you don't mind my argument. When they finish playing all the laser maps in a row, will they still stay on the server?
  6. Limo

    Good luck mate +11
  7. Limo

    minas tirith is a castle too
  8. Limo

    The best Good luck +1000000
  9. Limo

    hi If you realize in the first "Race" the 4 had no intention of repeating the entire route again, until you told them to jump to repeat "something I see illogical" because the map has other levels where they can do the race. It was also 1 hour because it is not the first time that you are banned on that map, if I remember correctly, killik gave you a ban for 1 hour for the same in this consecutive race that you say do and with respect to "sofakingbad" his prohibition was 30 for being the first time trolling on that map, I had also warned him not to jump and just was to! spec
  10. Limo

    ze_mountain_escape_ultimate_fix is GOOD and the map can be downloaded here http://fastdl.unloze.com/css_ze/maps/
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