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Locked do every breathing soul a favor and jump out of a window fierce pls th :)))))))


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here is what happend: so i join the server and the map is mako and at the boos fight there is a random guy who is waiting at the pipe and i saw him and went to him, he knifed  me i killed  cts and @FierceG said  wahh wahh wah i should ban u for that if i dont they will keep doing that wahh wahh wahh wahh  and bans me  eventough i wanst the  one who knifed a zm and i didnt plan to get knifed and kill al the cts  but he still bans me ,the ban is 1 hour i couldnt care less tbh. The reason i am typeing this is to show how f*ckin bad and retard nide is lol,even a person like fierce can still be an admin .Eventough he was inactive for moths he is still not demoted  i guees thats what sucking dicks gets u lol, he wont get demoted for this cuz THİS İS NİDE but its actullay funny to  see how f*ckin retard can nide be with some of its admins xD

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Hello Rog!

Thank you for making this report, but please use the given template to make a report about Admin Abuse.

Regarding the ban, Fierce has right to ban you because teaming with human is not allowed. What you should do if you get knifed by human in the pipes is to type !ztele or go to spectator to prevent ruining the round. This kind of behavior is common on the map mako_reactor, we know who knifed you and it's not a random person :^)

For the admin inactivity only leads and higher can decide on that, so there is a reason why Fierce is still in the admin team. Not to mention you are an ex-admin on NiDE too.


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