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Locked BMS abuse


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[SourceComms++] BMS: Issued an extended mute on Mr.Frodo for 10 minutes (reason: chill).

so for me to speak my mind like the rest of yall do i get muted? funny how yall a bunch of scum bitches. sad that inGame let this server be leading by a bunch of f**gots. im top 6 donator and they dont even contribute to this serv the way me and my friends do. very pathetic. you can use !sm yet you mute. thats f*cked up. yall protect them for what> 

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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin

I think it was said not long time ago Frodo :

No one is higher than the rules. Paying more than others isn’t a free pass to do what you want. Funny because you are the one mentioning corruption and using the argument about top donator…..

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  • Event Manager

I shouldn't even bother with this topic since you don't follow the Report Template.

About the mute, I trust in all my admins and i know they do their job how they should do.
You are just trying to somehow destroy that by saying that they don't do their job how they should. I really don't appreciate people the judge others without anything against them.

Next time you report someone try to follow the report template otherwise i will ignore and delete it.

Case Closed!

Best regards.

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