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Thinking about donating what do the different donater ranks get you?

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Hi @OCMasterRoshi

ViP features
- Chat colors
- !vip (shows a menu for vip access features)
- Torchlight access you can do  !search and all our nide.tv sounds comes up or simply visit this link to find your favourite sound (Note that max playrange is 10 seconds) https://torchlight.nide.gg/torchlight_ze/sounds/
- Vip models such as Marie Rose, Vector and other popular vip skins  (There is more than 8 skins)
- !color
- !tag

And I believe there are some  unmentioned features aswell.

Donated admin features
- Few admin commnads selected (kick, mute, eban)
- 1 - 2 admin skins for ct side>
- No vip features if I remember correctly

You can pm me if you have more questions Hobbitten#8693

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Thank you. Thats what i wanted to know!


Also how much do those ranks cost?

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As Harraga said 3 euro for vip per month and 4 euro per month for donated admin.

You can also choose X amount of days that you want the vip for an example could be you want 90 days if so you can type 90 days in the marked area for it or lets say you want 5 days then you just write 5 and the price is automatically calculated.

Buying donated admin has some extra steps such as having to install an autoexec.cfg file into your cstrike/cfg with a private password which is given by our bot upon purchase. If you do end up with issues regarding the donated admin if you choose that feel free to contact me and I will have it solved for you ?

Take care mate and ofc have fun!

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