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Locked Server admin application

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1. Karolina 26 years

2. Karolina*#9512

3.  Steam ID -76561199228821417 , ZR-CSS

4. About 1 year 

5. Okey ?

6. Understand 

7. I think I have some qualities that would suit joining your team. 1. First of all, I spend a lot of time playing on your server. 2. I know the game system used by many players. 3. I have knowledge of what is involved with the game itself and your server. 4. Important in the community is friendliness, help with issues, improvement and updating of the server.

8. I don't have much experience as an admin but I think I have something that would be useful.

9. I work like most people right now, but I spend a lot of free time on your server in 2-3 months playing 630 hours. I try to connect every day and play for at least a few hours. And I can say about myself that I am a fun person and always able to help.

10. First of all, I will go to observers and will watch this player, if I see him Aimbot, then I will give him a ban for 1 week . 

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