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"please change your name " unban appeal

Vanilla Sky

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Hello there fellow admins and users, 

for a little while now there is a sign which disconnects me from your zombie escape server.

it always says " please change your name " since my name was mcdickens, i partly can understand it, since the game is 18+, i dont see the problem but i did it anyway
please remove this sign, i cant insert the image here so i will leave the screenshot  here.

my profile to check my name https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198083126472/

please unban me and by any chance, lowere these rules, we are all grown up 🙂

with best regards

-vanilla sky




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  • Server Admin

Hello Vanilla 


Il look into this. This is a problem i myself never saw before we dont ban people for weird names tbh so this comes as a suprise to me 

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  • Developer


I can not find any logs about that from the Zombie Escape server.
Can you provide me a date + hours of when it's happen. 

Do you still have this issue with any name ? (If yes, try without specials caracts)

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