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Locked nice abuse of power


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1: Your own game name l3wd
2: Your own Steam-ID STEAM_0: 1: 62538322
3: Name of the administrator involved (Allmight- because I am here) (monkey D luffy) (shadow)
4: On what server did the  happen? zombie escape
5: What map ze_rocket_escape
6: Time and date 30.11.2019 @ 19:06
7: Explain the situation. I used! Calladmin to report that someone used bhop cheat, but none of the administrators had to deal with it and (Allmight-because I am here) threatened me. The other two administrators are like fools AFK (monky D luffy and shadow)
8: Proof Go to see deta

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i'm not with you, you can't decide if the players are using bhop cheat or no,

the admins may use a command for knowing if he is Bhopper or not, 
it might the player has good jump in MWHEELDOWN, that's why you thought he is using bhop.

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Admins may be AFK because everyone has own problems and needs when you need to AFK.
Admins can't follow for all players.

About "Cheater", this player legit, just use scroll bhop and he not been flagged.

Topic closed.

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