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Locked Admin application UZGANG


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1.Name: UZGANG Age: 21 
2.Steam_ID: STEAM_0:1:510058404
3. How long have you been playing CSS ?
I've been playing CSS and CSS Half-Life since I was 9 years old then on local networks. And in Counter Strike Source Zombie Escape in General zombie mod I liked since then only play somewhere half a year
4. Why do you think we should put you on the team? What knowledge do you have that is important to you on the server or in the community?
I want to help this community, so I want to be part of this team, I'm willing to learn new knowledge about community management and experience. About their knowledge I not can itself nothing say because me never has ever managed as community so and server manage for me it is important to all played by the rules server and respected each other and received buzz from game good pastime on this a. Community for discussions about the game and news
5. What experience do you have as an administrator and other things that can benefit us by having you as an administrator?
I now donator administrative I only am learning team admin until simply play
6. Some details about yourself, what are you doing right now, how often do you think you will play on the server?
I not too many play but will try play on more often so as I am learning and work I have time little but as will free time I immediately think about game I play only on ze servers so me here not it is important this CS 1.6 or CSS CS GO everywhere but mostly I likes in CSS ZE and on this a and also in CSS
7. here's a little question to answer, imagine you're a new administrator on a server and there's a player who uses it to use Aimbot and you need to handle it, how do you handle it? Write your answer completely more detailed answer is the best answer, new applications, administrator should consider this question .
I since the new admin will consult with other more experienced admins if they suspect too I first observe the player if he does use aimbot warning and ban leaving the game for a while if other admins so decide
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-1, lacking in admin knowledge + in ze community in general 

Not speaking English very well will be huge barrier when trying to communicate with each other 

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While I admire that you are willing to help and learn.And that you were honest while writing the app.

I must go with a -1

I doubt your english skills,I have a feeling you will not be able to communicate with the players and other admins effectively,and that is very important.Communication is key to doing the job well.And well if you don`t understand the critics/advice players or higher staff give you,you wont be able to learn and improve fast.Plus you wont be able to keep up if staff talk about a more complicated matter or subject.On the end here,I will mention that players will make requests,and you must understand those requests ,in order to please the players.

I reccomend that you start working towards improving your english,maybe watch how the staff do their jobs,ask for advice/knowledge from others,learn the rules and prepare more for next time you wish to apply.

Have a good day and good luck next time


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